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23:51 Question:  It’s a lot of money.  How do I know it’s worth it?

26:05 Question: I’ve taken other courses and was disappointed.  How do I know SLCA won’t be just another course mistake?

29:50 Question: I still work full time and have a family to take care of. How many hours per week will I need to devote to the program?

33:59 Question: It’s all about the money. How fast will I be able to generate income from implementing the content of SLCA?

36:29 Question: It’s really not the right time now. Maybe I’ll join the next round... What if I want to join but feel like it’s not the right time now?

41:31 Question: How many of you were on a payment plan and were you able to pay it out before the end of the program?

42:00 Question: I’m not really sure how SLCA is different from other courses.  What makes SLCA so special?  How much personal attention will I get?  I am the type of person who is scared to raise my hand to even ask a question.  How will this program support me in showing up?

50:38 Question: What if I don’t 'click' with the other ladies in the group?

54:00 Question: My family will never approve it. How do I make the right decision being surrounded by naysayers?

55:23 Question: I have mindset blocks and confidence issues.  How will this program support me in overcoming limiting beliefs and raising my self-confidence?

56:27 Question: I’ve just invested in another course, but I really love SLCA. I don’t want to collect a ton of courses though.  What do I do now?

1:02:46 Question:  I’m afraid it’s too much mindset and all I need is real marketing stuff that works.  Does SLCA cover that?

1:03:49 Question: I’m afraid!  What if it doesn’t work for me?

1:06:31 Question: What did you do to make the leap despite the hesitation and all the doubts?

1:08:23 Question: What do you wish you’d have known when you were signing up?

1:11:29 Question: I’m on the edge of signing up.  What would your best advice be?

1:20:44 Question: How were you able to follow through with the program as a mom juggling kids and household at the same time?