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Stop trying a bazillion different marketing strategies & turn your attention to the few but powerful marketing steps that took me from selling coaching sessions for $27 on the bathroom floor to making $200k in just one year...
in one of the most crazy competitive, saturated & overcrowded online industries!


Look, ladylove. Do you want to…

  • Stop looking & sounding like everybody else & create a brand that’s an extension of the extraordinary woman you are?
  • Get to know your ideal clients better than they know themselves – without doing another annoying client avatar?
  • Grow a rabid following & a list full of “right people,” fast?
  • Put out a value-packed freebie, opt-in or lead magnet that’s SO undeniably perfect for your people that they download & share it in droves?
  • Learn the mindset secrets of millionairesses, so you can learn how to think – and earn– like one?
  • Love up your list (in all the right ways) so your readers don’t just obsess over your content, but actually want to buy from you?
  • Knock it out of the park – and land new clients – every time you book a discovery call?
  • Stop being seen as “just another coach” and stand out like a fabulous pink flamingo in a sea of bland, boring coaches?

...Or maybe ALL OF THE ABOVE?

You CAN do it ALL – without the overwhelm, exhaustion & “OMG, am-I-even-doing-this-right?” feeling you have right now. All you need is a simple roadmap with fail-proof steps. I get you, gorgeous. If you’re over trying a million different strategies to market & grow your business without having the overflowing funds, flexibility or fabulous shoes to show for it... Why not stop trying to do it all, and start doing what works?


I went 9 months in my business without booking a single client.

I spent the first year of my business almost completely clientless. And when I did start booking them, I was selling coaching sessions for a measly $27 from my bathroom floor – to people who were SO not meant to work with me.

Things got so bad, I even thought about hawking my glittering engagement ring to pay rent. Ugh. I. Know.

It wasn’t like I wasn’t trying to succeed. In fact, my problem was that I was trying TOO hard!

I signed up for every free webinar out there. I devoured free e-books like they were free glasses of Rose. And I spent a fortune – not to mention wasted hours of my precious life I’ll never get back – taking #ALLTHEPROGRAMS without seeing real results.

I was lost. I was confused. And I still didn’t have the business or life I imagined.

(You know, the one where I was making money like Beyonce, helping people like Oprah and wearing incredible shoes like Gaga.)

One day, I finally realized that stuffing my brain with more information – and more strategies – was NOT the answer.

I didn’t need to learn more – I needed to do less, just better.

When I hyper-focused on just a few specific, strategic marketing activities, my business exploded with paying clients!

Almost right away, I started making consistent 5-figure months... even though I’m in the one of the most "competitive, saturated, and overcrowded" industries out there!

In fact, I made my first $10k in just 20 days!

This wasn’t just a fluke or “good luck.” I went on to have $30k, $40k and even $50k months.

By the end of the year, I had made $200k in my first year in business.

Yep – in just 12 months, I had doubled my corporate salary and the unfeasible (or so I thought) goal I set when I sashayed my way out of my Fortune 500 corporate job!



That is exactly why I have created these 6 super-affordable, signature self-study courses.

To show you the strategies that work. No more. No less.



I’ve invested over $100k to learn this high-level information so you don’t have to!

Instead, I’m lavishing you with these proven, tested and vetted strategies – the juicy stuff I normally only share with my private clients.

In the courses you get access to my BEST stuff at a cost far less than Sunday brunch.

You get access to audio and video recordings of my most popular livestream challenges (that got 1000+ likes and comments online), and trainings, PLUS each course has a workbook included - yes, we are giving you everything you need, and nothing you do not need.

Fast. Efficient. Fabulously Simple. (& Stylish).

Take a sneak peek at our membership site where all the courses are instantly available to you online on any device.


We've heard your prayers, girl!


You absolutely have to check this out if you want to stop feeling like an unworthy fraud and start thinking (and earning!) like a millionaire!

You will:

  • Discover my simple, 5-step wealth ritual for consistent 5-figure months
  • Learn the “secret money weapon” I use to close $50k+ months in my coaching business (you’ll be surprised by this one!)
  • Watch me perform my exact daily mindset practice LIVE (yep, I literally show you exactly what I do each morning to stay high vibe)
  • Learn the sneaky reason positive affirmations don’t always work – but how you can tweak them so they work for you
  • Get an insider’s look at my signature mindset tool – aka the one simple thing I do regularly that helped me quit my job & jet-set to 16 destinations in 12 months!
  • Learn how to stay positive even when your life is steeped in negativity and negative peeps (even if it's your loved ones)
  • Discover how to create time & space for mindset work as a busy boss lady
  • Steal my top 3 mindset hacks that stop procrastination in its tracks so it becomes SUPER easy to take consistent action on your biz – even if you have ZERO free time

You'll get:

  • 10 hours of recorded video trainings
  • 5 audio recordings
  • Bonus workbook to follow through the course
  • A secret (sexy!) surprise gift

You need this if you’re done having a boring brand & you’re ready to be a true flamingo in the sea of coaches!

You'll learn:

  • How my signature boutique brand made me $200k in just in one year while I was traveling around the world
  • The 1 thing I stopped doing to shine in a sea of coaches and start attracting my dream high-end clients making $50k months
  • How I used the power of feminine energy to brand myself and get noticed (this one technique helped me sell out 3 group programs in a row – without spending a penny on branding experts or graphic designers!)
  • My signature boutique brand toolkit that will help you create a head-turning brand people can’t wait to buy from (without even thinking about the price)
  • How the “secret backend of my website” converts visitors into paying clients and makes me 5 figures in passive income per month (and how you can set one up, too)
  • The do's and don'ts of a high-converting AND beautiful and stylish website (and tips and tricks on how to do it without spending a fortune and/or having to sell your red-bottoms)
  • How to make your lifestyle a part of your signature brand, while getting a secret behind-the-scenes look at my business!

You'll get:

  • 10 hours of recorded video trainings
  • 5 audio recordings
  • Bonus workbook to follow through the course

You need this if you want to figure out who your ideal client is AND what makes you different from the crowd (your signature element!)

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get super specific and clear about your ideal client so that you know them better than they know themselves and your marketing speaks directly to their hearts
  • Get clear on your message and Big Why to create a compelling story that mesmerizes your audience
  • Discover your signature element and what sets you apart from other coaches in the industry (aka be a flamingo in the sea of coaches)
  • Design a brilliant sales pitch so you can eloquently answer the question, "So what do you do?"
  • Master the art of storytelling to become a leader in your industry, attract your dream clients, and prime your followers to invest in themselves by working with you (and only you)

You'll get:

  • 5 recorded video trainings
  • 5 audio recordings
  • Bonus workbook to follow through the course
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You've gotta have this if you want to grow your list and following with the right people fast!


You’ll learn:

  • My Irresistible Freebie Matrix that teaches you how to create a sexy lead magnet people would easily pay for (they just don’t have to!)
  • How to package your lead magnet so it provides tons of value without taking up tons of time
  • My exact fill-in-the blank formula for writing hot headlines and juicy bullet points on your lead magnet landing page (FYI, these babies convert at a whopping 60% – industry average is only 20%!)
  • My top high-converting landing page templates to get people onto your list – fast

You'll get:

  • 6 hours of recorded video trainings
  • 3 audio recordings
  • Bonus workbook to follow through the course


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You must try this if you want to nurture your list of subscribers so that they don’t just want to buy from you, they practically have to!

You’ll learn:

  • How to properly communicate with your list so they’re eager to whip out their wallets every time you make an offer
  • My fail-proof Sales Funnel Formula – the exact system I used to sell out my 1-on-1 practice and 2 group programs three times in a row!
  • How to convert even icy-cold traffic into hot paying clients (and make it look easy as pie!)
  • My high-converting Sales Page template and formula that’ll get people clicking buy before they even know what hit them

You'll get:

  • 9 hours of recorded video trainings
  • 5 audio recordings
  • Bonus workbook to follow through the course
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You need this if you want to confidently sell on discovery calls – and follow up to close with finesse (without feeling fake or slimy)

You’ll learn:

  • How to prep for discovery calls so you’re confident & always ready-to-close
  • My signature discovery call preparation ritual that melts anxiety and stress away (even if you’re a stress ball ;) )
  • My EXACT discovery call roadmap and the script that brought me $40K in 7 days
  • What to say – and not to say – when you’re on the line with a potential dream client
  • How to easily overcome hot-button objections like,“I need to think about it,” “I can’t afford it,” and “I need to ask my spouse”
  • Why people REALLY don’t buy after the call – and how to fix it so they do!

You'll get:

  • 6 hours of recorded video trainings
  • 3 audio recordings
  • Bonus workbook to follow through the course


Just imagine:

  • Standing out online & becoming iconic in your industry (like, Beyonce-level iconic)
  • Landing paying clients effortlessly because people are so excited to work with you, and only you
  • Seeing real results (cash, clients & clout) from anything you spend your time and energy on in your business
  • Knowing exactly what you need to do to hit your financial goals – so you can make incredible cash, graciously give back & still have a life
  • Giving up all the unnecessary hustle, bustle and grind (because success doesn’t have to be so hard – really!) Doing less work for better results, faster :)

Don’t just take my word for it! Check out what the ladies who have done the courses are saying:


Your dream life and business isn’t nearly as far away as you think it is, babe.

Women just like you are making it happen every single day.

Are you ready to join the club?