Today, let’s get the party started with a little myth-busting about one of my absolute favorite topics: lead magnets.

Now, if you’ve been in the online space for any time at all, you’ve probably heard the term “freebie”, “lead magnet”, or “opt-in” (or even “ethical bribe”, although I never quite vibed with that).

A lead magnet (or any of its other fun names) is a big, juicy freebie you offer your ideal clients in exchange for their email addresses.

But here’s what it gets tricky: Consumers today are both savvier and more attention-starved than ever – in fact, researchers now say humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish! – and people are clutching their email addresses tighter and tighter.


A decade ago – when the Internet was a much quieter place – you could throw a PDF together without much thought and call it a day – and people would still sign up.

There just wasn’t a lot out there.

But today, the online landscape is noisy and competition is fierce – and if you want to make sure your lead magnet does its job (which is to grow your email list and eventually turn readers into actual buyers), you’ve got to put some serious thought into what you offer and how you structure it.

The truth is, a lead magnet isn’t just about collecting email addresses – it’s really about building relationships and engaging your prospects.

Email addresses are SO valuable in the online space. Once someone hands theirs over, you have direct access to them and can stay in touch (and top of mind!) through your regular newsletters.

Plus, when you go to launch something new, your list – which at this point will be full of warm leads who adore you – is the first place you can turn. Ever heard the phrase, “the money is in the list”? It’s the truth, darling! The industry average is that 1-2% of your list will buy from you each time you launch! That’s a big deal.

So, now that you understand why you need an irresistible lead magnet, the real question is: How exactly can YOU make sure your lead magnet rises above the noise?

How can YOU create valuable, irresistible free content will not only inform and educate readers, but turn them into engaged subscribers and buyers down the road?

Well, if you want your lead magnet to:

1. Grow your list fast

2. Get you paying clients (because that is the REAL goal)

3. Do it all without breaking the bank (or busting into your retirement funds)

I’ve got you. I’ve whipped up a list of 10 questions you can ask yourself to make sure your lead magnet includes the top 10 lead magnet must-haves!

Ready, lady love?


1. How well does you lead magnet solve your client’s #1 most urgent struggle?

The creme de la creme of lead magnets do two things: solve an ultra-specific problem AND provide an immediate result. Which means? You need to know exactly what your customers are struggling with, so you can reverse engineer a lead magnet that will solve that struggle.

So, if your lead magnet doesn’t solve a problem – or tries to solve #alltheproblems at once – it doesn’t pass the test.

Instead, stick with a lead magnet that explicitly addresses the #1 most urgent and immediate struggle of your ideal clients. Even more importantly, make sure that by following your lead magnet your client will achieve a quick win in that area.

For example, a short, 1-page checklist of 10 superfoods is better than a complicated 30-page PDF about “How to Drop 10 lbs. in 10 Days” complete with 30 recipes and 4 weeks of exercise plans, which will only overwhelm and confuse your reader.

2. Does it support your clients on the path to their most urgent goal?

We already know your clients’ most urgent struggle, but what about their most urgent goal?

Ask yourself what your ideal prospects desire most right now. It’s your job to make sure what you’re offering will give them a sweet – and immediate – sigh of relief.

For example, say your client really wants to set up a killer sales funnel (that’s their most urgent goal). As a business coach (like moi), you might create a quick PDF template of a high-converting landing page.

What you don’t want to do is create an in-depth tech tutorial about landing pages and exactly how to build one on each of the different available platforms that’s delivered over 4 days and includes a private Facebook group. Whew! (I’m exhausted just writing about it!)

3. Is it easily digestible?

True story: The best lead magnets aren’t the ones with the most pages or that pack in the most information.

(I mean, how many 50-page ebooks have you opted-into that are now collecting virtual dust on your meticulously-organized desktop? Exactly.)

An ideal lead magnet is a bite-sized, value-packed content piece that can be consumed in under an hour and provides instant value to the reader.

So, please, darling – if you’re sending out a 300-page ebook (no matter how scroll-stoppingly gorgeous) or a 5-day series of 90-minute long videos, stop.

Better options include short 1-page checklists, guides and cheat sheets. (And the best part? Since they’re shorter, they’re ALSO easier to create!)

4. Can this freebie be broken into “installments” (and therefore be delivered in parts)?

Humans are sensual beings.

Every single day, we’re engaging our 5 senses – taste, smell, hear, touch and sight – in various ways.

It only makes sense that the more of these senses our lead magnet taps into, the more emotionally engaged our prospect will feel with our content (and our businesses as a whole).

So, how can you take advantage of this?

For example, if your main lead magnet is a super-short PDF, maybe you add a complementary video on a related topic that’s delivered a few days after you original content piece.

This way, you not only deliver 2 SHORT pieces of content and therefore deliver more value,  you ALSO make it all a more joyful "sensual" (read: engaging) experience for the prospect.


5. Does it reflect the signature element that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Everything you create for your business should bring something uniquely you to the table.

How do you know if your lead magnet is hitting the mark?

Well, you can start by asking yourself:
Does your lead magnet topic tie into your core message?

Does the content inside your lead magnet provide insight into your signature story and the ‘secret sauce’ only you can deliver?

Is your lead magnet designed to “look” like your brand – using your own signature fonts and colors?

And perhaps most importantly, does it provide original, true-to-you ideas or content (or at least, a fresh take on old ideas)?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, I urge you to go back to the drawing board to think of ways to work more “you” into your lead magnet. Because the last thing you want to do is ruin your first impression by blending into the crowd and being forgettable!


6. Does it give your prospects a chance to get to know you better?

Sure, your reader probably downloaded your lead magnet because he/she wants their urgent problem solved (and if you’ve been following along, your lead magnet already does that – yay!). But your readers are they also curious about the person behind the information.

So, does your lead magnet include information (or stories) that develop your know/like/trust factor or establish your credibility?

Does your content position you as an expert in their minds?

Does it include language and other style elements that match your brand?

Basically, when someone closes you lead magnet, will they easily understand who you are, what you do and whether they might want to one day hire you?

7. Is the quality so good a reader would pay for it?

The main goal of your opt-in is to make a fabulous first impression, especially since this is the first interaction most prospects will have with your brand.

So please, do NOT be afraid to give away your best stuff for free!

I know many of my clients are terrified that if they “give away the farm,” no one will want to pay them in the future.

But the truth is, if you wow your peeps with your opt-in, they’ll only be more excited to check out your paid offerings –not less.

If you can affect real change with a piece of free content, the right people will be dying to know how to continue to learn from – and pay – you.

In fact, you WANT your readers to think, “OMG. This is SO good. I can’t believe she’s giving this away for free.”

Because then her next thought will likely be something like, “Her paid stuff must be INCREDIBLE!”

And that’s the reaction we’re going for, my dear!

So do yourself a favor and don’t hold back. Go ahead and pack your opt-in with your most top-secret tricks, tried-and-tested tools and genius gems of wisdom.

And remember that holding back can have the opposite effect, too. Because if your readers don’t think your content was valuable enough (especially if this was their first contact with you), they can easily unsubscribe or stop opening your future emails.

8. Does this freebie flow logically into your next paid offer?

Real talk: You don’t want to create lead magnets just to create lead magnets!

Every lead magnet you create should have one goal: To turn your reader into a buyer.

So, how do you do this?

You make sure every freebie you create is pre-seeding a future, paid offer.

The first thing a prospect will think after devouring your (incredible) free content is, “Okay, that was great. Now what?”

And your job, my dear, is to make sure your paid offer is the logical answer to that question. If you’ve done this right, your paid offer should be the perfect “next step” to solving their most urgent problem on an even deeper level.

Just in case you need an example, a lead magnet titled, “5 quick ways to start attracting more ‘good’ men today” (ultra-specific) might lead into an online course all about finding “the one” for single women. So simple, yet so easy to muck up!

9. Will creating and delivering this freebie bring you joy and excitement?

You know what’s zero fun? Creating a whole lead magnet around something you don’t really care about!

This might seem obvious, but the truth is, if you’re not obsessed with your opt-in topic, your readers WILL be able to tell.

When choosing your opt-in focus, go with the one that lights YOU up most.

I promise your leads will feel your energy and high vibes and they’ll be even more attracted to you.

Plus, you’ll save a ton of time (and headaches!) because creating your magnet will feel like flow instead of forced.

10. How much time would you need to invest to make this freebie?

Sure, you want your lead magnet to pack a mega (value) punch, but what you don’t want to do is spend months (or even weeks!) chained to your MacBook creating it.

The best lead magnets aren’t just consumed quickly and easily – they’re whipped up quickly and easily, too.

Pick an opt-in topic and format (checklist, guide, video, etc.) you can put together in 2 hours or less, from research to ready-to-roll ...while still keeping it high-value.

You can do this by choosing a topic you know like the back of your hand which requires little research or by giving yourself a word limit or time limit for videos.

Do whatever you have to do to cut down time – without cutting down quality!


There you have it, gorgeous – the top 10 questions you need to ask yourself when creating your next opt-in.

So, feeling more confident you can create a lead magnet the right people will love?

Then don’t forget to click here and download Your Irresistible Lead Magnet Checklist to gain access to my best tips for creating a lead magnet that will grow your list fast, position you as a go-to expert and turn your leads into delighted buyers quickly.