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Wanting More Time, Money and Freedom?

I’ve always been the girl who wanted more.

More financial freedom.

More opportunity.

More freedom in my days, too!

It’s true. Today, I have a successful business, I set my own schedule every day, I travel all over the world, and I still strive for more. (Not because I’m not deliriously grateful, but because I know there’s always room for growth!)

But the truth is, I’ve experienced a ton of backlash for for my “outlandish” desires.. I was – and still am – often criticized and judged for wanting what I wanted. “Don’t you have enough?” “Less is more, Daria.” “Can’t you just be grateful for what you have?”

Even three years into my business, and after the oodles of success I’ve created, people still say those things to me.

I’m sure you feel me on this. You want more. You want the freedom, the money, the business opportunities. And yet, other people always seem to want to make you feel guilty for it.

It’s awful.

And hurtful.

And sometimes – downright detrimental!

Aaaand that’s exactly why I created this week's #signaturelife champagne series episode.

Because I want you to know it’s okay to want more (it’s not selfish, wrong or “bad”) and also, how to get more!

Today’s episode hits on some key things you NEED to hear if you, too, desire more freedom, time or money, including…

  • Why you gotta stop spending time on listening to contradicting advice online

  • How to stay focused on what’s true for you

  • The #1 thing you have to be willing to do to get more

  • Plus, I dole out a fabulous mindset tip that probably goes against everything you’ve ever heard when it comes to mindset. This episode is worth watching just for that golden nugget. Promise!

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Now, I can tell you one thing for sure: If I hadn’t wanted “more” from my life, I’d still be just an immigrant girl scared to open her mouth. I’d still be making $1500 a month at the University (that’s what my future looked like while I was pursuing my PhD – not even 2 grand a month to teach classes).

And worst of all, I wouldn’t have impacted any of the lives I’ve impacted. I wouldn’t have helped people start businesses and turn their lifelong passions into things that actually provide financial freedom.

Now, I’m not going to lie and say getting “more” has always been easy.

“Getting more” usually does require giving more, too – I’m talking putting out double the dedication, double the courage and double the persistence.

You DO have to get relentless and obsessed with your own success.

But that’s not a BAD thing. And I believe you should never be shamed for wanting more – or DOING more – to get what you want.

>>> Watch This Week's Episode Now!

Because, darling? You deserve more. You deserve your #signaturelife. And I truly hope that today’s episode helps bring you that much closer to claiming everything you’ve ever wanted.

Oh, and more. ;)

Love you,

Daria Zest