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Surprising Places to Find Paid Coaching Clients

Are you looking for clients in all the wrong places?

Tell moi:

Do you ever feel like you just can’t find paying coaching clients?

Like every other successful coach must have some weird, secret handbook full of names of people who actually pay for coaching, plus places (yoga studios? juice bars?) to visit and Facebook groups to check out that are just teeming with clients ready to basically throw their cash at you?

Um, yeah.

Hi! Me, too. If you don’t know, I actually booked ZERO CLIENTS for the first 9 months of my business. So trust moi, I know firsthand that no matter how long you’ve been in the coaching space – but definitely if you’re a newbie – finding paid coaching clients can sometimes feel impossible-with-a-capital-I.

I mean, sure, maybe you’ve made a post in a Facebook group offering your expertise – a free tarot reading, a business breakthrough assessment or a free 30-minute coaching call – and immediately found yourself swamped with PMs from eager BETA testers.

But, have you ever made a post in that same Facebook group offering your very incredible (albeit paid) offer...and got a whole lot of nothing?

Yep. I hear this same old story ALL the time, even from my most talented, loving, generous clients. Soooo, what in the world are you supposed to do when you want to book paying clients, but truly can’t find people willing to exchange cold hard cash for your coaching? (Side note: The answer is usually NOT to Google “how to get clients” (or more specifically, “how to get coaching clients.” Been there, regret that.)

Well, good news: There are probably tons of places you haven’t “looked” for those oh-so-sneaky, perfect-for-you paying clients. ;)

That’s why I created a BRAND NEW video just for you, “Surprising Places to Find Paid Coaching Clients” that reveals a few unsuspecting places to find your first or next clients.

Like, real ones, who actually pay you.

You’ll learn:

  • Who your best (and next) customers are–and how to get them to YES quickly (Spoiler alert: They’re right under your’re just not seeing them right now!)

  • Follow-up secrets for turning past prospects who turned you down into paying clients who can’t shut up about you!

  • How to effectively monetize your Instagram following–without

  • Why “putting yourself out there” in new places to find paying clients isn’t always the answer–plus one crazy-easy way to leverage your existing audience that requires almost zero effort on your part

It’s basically a roundup of my biggest client-getting secrets, revealed. (You’re welcome! :) )

Want all the details and the how to's? Then you do NOT want miss out on this video!

>>> Watch new episode here now & start securing more paying clients today, gorgeous!

Sure, finding coaching clients can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. And in case you need a little inspiration, guidance or just plain strategy...I gotchu!


Daria Zest