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[Behind The Red Lips] Part 1: My Biggest Weaknesses

Luxury hotel lobbies, expensive meals (or green juices), well-posed snapshots from dreamy retreats in Bali, an overload of inspirational quotes.

I don’t know about you, but that’s basically what I see every time I pop open Instagram – or Facebook. And – if I’m being honest? There’s times where it’s made me feel really, really bad about myself.

Maybe you can relate?

Maybe you, too, have done a serious amount of scrolling and double tapping and then you’ve found yourself thinking:

“She’s just too perfect. I’ll never compare.”

“Wow. She’s always SO positive. I can’t imagine feeling that good all the time.”

“How does she even afford all that? I could never.”

Same, girl! SAME.

Now, obviously: I also post stuff like that, too. If you check out my Instagram, you’ll inevitably see a whole lot of luxury, and travel, and all the “finer things” in life. (I do love my silk kaftans, PJs, shoes, and bags!).

I love everything beautiful, so I believe aspirational imagery and anecdotes can be REALLY inspiring. And I’m SO not shaming women for showing off their fabulous lives.

I’m ALL FOR women owning their desires and getting what they want!


If you spend too much on social or stalking other coaches, it’s almost TOO easy to forget that what someone projects online is usually FAR FROM the full picture of their life.

(I mean, let’s just say nobody posts photos of themselves with mascara-stained cheeks, collapsed on the bathroom floor after hearing another “No” on a discovery call–which was basically my life just a few years ago. #justsaying)

The truth is, technology is so beautiful in some ways, and so damaging in others.

It’s easy to think that the people we follow are perfect and flawless. It’s easy to imagine that everything is easy, breezy for them – that they never snooze their alarm, or procrastinate on a deadline or hear “No” from a client they really, really liked.
It’s easy to forget that THEY’RE HUMAN, TOO.

But the good news (for both of us) is that behind every Boomerang of a chic woman doing a cute champagne toast with her other chic friends, there’s a real human with insecurities and doubts.

And – this might gross you out or make you laugh, but it helps me, so here goes: And who POOPS. ;)

But because I know it doesn’t always look that way (and actually, can we all just take a minute to be thankful people DON’T document, ahem, trips to the ladies’ room?), I made a bold decision a few months ago to go out of my way to create something that showed the REAL me and the REAL story behind my life & business.

So, today I’ve got something AWESOME for you, beauties!

Say hello to my new 3-part series, “Behind the Red Lips,” where for the next 3 weeks, I’ll be taking you behind-the-scenes of my business & life – and FAR beyond the highlight reel. (But NOT into the bathroom. I promise.)

The first episode in this new series is all about my biggest weaknesses. I’m keeping it really real and sharing my greatest weaknesses list – in detail.

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Yep: I’m literally unveiling the things I personally view as my biggest flaws. (We’ll also be talking a little about whether there’s such a thing as “good weaknesses”...and my answer might shock you!)

The truth is, I think our industry needs a reality check. And if I have to be the one to do it, I’m here for it!

How about you? Are you ready for it? Good. ;)

Here’s some other juicy stuff you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The truth behind how I *really* react to bumps in my business & life (Yeah, I’m actually a self-proclaimed #dramaqueen–and I talk all about it here!)

  • The one surprising part of my personality I’ve kept hidden from my audience (this will probably make your jaw hit the floor if you know my brand well!)

  • A major weakness that’s resulted in SO MUCH wasted time, energy and effort over the years (If you’ve ever created a series of Instagram Stories and then NOT posted them–or deleted them later–you’ll relate to this hardcore!)

  • Whether there’s REALLY “blesses in all our messes”–or if some weaknesses are just, well, weaknesses!

  • The one thing almost EVERY successful entrepreneur preaches about that I JUST CAN’T make myself do!

  • And lots more!

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The truth is, while I’ve definitely reached a certain level of success with my business and life, I still have MAJOR work to do in a lot of areas. (And so do they all those other coaches and entrepreneurs you place on pedestals – I promise!)

I don’t look perfect, think perfect or act perfect.

But. I’ve found that the only true way to deal with our weaknesses it to claim them and name them, so that’s exactly what I did here.

And as you’ll see, even by the end of this video, I felt better about a lot of my so-called weaknesses!

And my goal is that once you hear me laying it all out, you’ll feel a little less embarrassed, or “weird” or “different” for having your own.

And if not, just remember: LITERALLY everybody poops. ;)

(Like, how can that *not* make you feel just a little better? ;) )

>>> Here’s the link to watch the episode again.

Daria Zest

P.S. Love this episode? Then keep your eyes peeled because I’ve got two more goodies on deck where I’m sharing even more embarrassments, hardships and ugly truths! (I’m a little terrified to be honest, but I know it’s SO needed. So stick around, k?)