How I Quit My Job

Raise your hand if you’re in a 9-5 and desperately ready to get out – or even if you’ve ever thought, “I want to quit my job.”

Honestly, if your hand is up, you’re SO not alone. (Except for the fact that you just raised your hand while reading an email. LOL)

I had that same thought over and over for months.

Because the truth is, I wasn’t always a business coach.

I actually started my coaching business as a side hustle to my 9-5 at a Fortune 500 job. It was the very first job I landed after I got my PhD – and let me tell you, it looked fantastic on paper.

Unfortunately, having a “good job” just meant that I had to do a lot of my “side” work in secret.

I was afraid of looking ungrateful, of wanting more and of course, of being unfaithful to the company.

So, I worked on my coaching biz whenever I could find little pockets of undisturbed time – lunch breaks, “coffee breaks” (that I may or may not have fabricated completely ;) ) and anytime I could find after work.

But yet, I still showed up to my job and performed the duties in my job Yeah – it was a crazy time, to say the least!

If you’re curious exactly how I transitioned from living that 9-5 life to the #laptoplifestyle and my #signaturelife without losing my job (or feeling super guilty)...

You’re gonna L-O-V-E today’s episode of the Champ Series!

I’m dropping some gems in this one, like:

  • Why you absolutely must give yourself a deadline and choose a “quit date” if you’re serious about stepping away

  • One simple mindset shift to make that’ll help you feel about 1000x less guilty about walking away (even if you hate your job, most of us feel bad about leaving!)

  • How to flip-change the way you view your “job”– so you can show up every day with zero guilt about not being “all in” (If you have a big heart and/or any people-pleasing tendencies, you NEED to hear this one!)


The truth is, if you’re reading this, you’re destined to make a bigger impact than you could probably ever make at your 9-5.

It’s sad, but true.

And I SO get that! In fact, I knew almost immediately the 9-5 life (and the stiff dress code, bitter coffee and grey cubicles with cheesy decor) wasn’t for me. So, I gave myself a year. And at the end of that very first year in a position at a company a million other girls would’ve killed for, I quit.

I felt fantastic about my decision.

My boss, however, wasn’t so thrilled and told me I was super naive to think I could make coaching work.

So really, this episode was inspired by and FOR my boss, too (who – by the way – got fired and had to accept a job making less than before just to make ends meet #justsaying).

I believe we always have to trust in our hearts that we know what’s best for us... even when others around us don’t get it and insist on trying to steal our sunshine, and our rose-colored glasses.

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Daria Zest

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