Are Your Prices Too High?

Do you know what the numbers 27 and 20,000 have in common? (Well, besides the number two…)

They’re both prices I’ve charged my coaching packages.

Oh yes. I’m not exaggerating when I say the numbers for my coaching packages have literally run the gamut, from the lowest of low to what most would consider reasonably high.

But you know what else has totally run the gamut? Other people’s reactions to what I charge.

No joke – you name it and it’s probably happened to me! I’ve had people send me emails saying my prices are “insane.”

I’ve had others message me links to other offers that are 10x cheaper–as if that would somehow make me lower mine, perhaps?

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t love when this happens, but I do understand.

I remember when I first started selling my coaching for $27 a session that even $27 felt like such a massive number (way more than $20k–which is what I charge for high-end coaching nowadays– feels to me now. Thanks, money mindset work!).

So, listen…If you’re struggling to decide on a coaching program price, keep reading, darling, ‘cause in today’s episode of the #signaturelife Champagne Series, we’re talking all things prices prices – and whether your coach prices can ever actually be too high.

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You’ll learn:

  • The #1 question you need to ask yourself before you decide on a price (and it has nothin’ to do with numbers, my love!)

  • Why discovering the bigger WHY behind your price is EV.ERY.THING (When you make more money, you can impact the world in more ways...but how? It’s time to get specific!)

  • And loads more!

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Unfortunately, I can’t pick a price for you or respond to each of you individually to let you know my thoughts on your prices. But what I can say is that at its core, picking a price isn’t *really* about the price at all.

Nope, the actual number doesn’t matter.

What DOES matter is whether YOU – as the coach – are sold on your own price. Because if you’re not, my friend? Your prospects will feel it across oceans and valleys...and Skype discovery calls.

And your sales will never be as high as you’d like, because people will feel your insecurity and doubt whether you can actually deliver. That I can promise.

Love that tip? Then just you wait! ;)

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