How To Get Your First Paid Coaching Client

Do you ever feel like you’ll never make it happen?

I mean…I know you dove heart over heels into the coaching world with dreamy goals and wide-eyes.

I know you have a deep calling in your heart that you’re meant to do this work (whatever that is for you–whether you’re a life coach, a business coach, a health coach, you name it).

I know you’ve poured hours of blood, sweat and sparkles into doing all the things–showing up on every social platform, writing email newsletters until your contacts dried up, joining every Facebook group that popped up on your news feed.

And I also know you still haven’t signed your first coaching client. So you can’t help but wonder if starting a coaching business is really right for you. I mean, is this really the path you’re meant to take...if you can’t even sign clients? What gives?

Well, lovely, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here’s the thing that most people don’t talk about: Starting a coaching business isn’t a guarantee that you’ll sign clients, make money or get famous enough for Oprah. ;)

I know, I know! It doesn’t sound very encouraging on the surface. But that’s why I decided to dedicate today’s BRAND NEW #signaturelife Champagne Series episode to doling out some of my favorite tips for landing your first coaching clients (although these TOTALLY work for booking your second, third and 100th clients, too!)

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Watch now and you’ll discover:

  • My best-kept secret for getting into the “right” energy to work with amazing clients RIGHT NOW
  • The #1 (and best) thing you need to do if you’re ready to stop “guessing” at how to get clients and actually start
  • Why (and how) you need to treat your business like a business–not a hobby–if you want to book your first client fast

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BTW, I know that on the surface, it might look like I never stressed, struggled or ugly-cried into my pillow over not being able to book clients. But the truth is, I have a pretty crazy story around finding my first paid client. IT TOOK ME NINE MONTHS. Yep.

I didn’t book a single client for my first 9 months in business. It was the complete opposite of easy, breezy and effortless.

Instead, I spent nine months doing it ALL and making EVERY POSSIBLE MISTAKE before I was able to get someone to say yes to working with me.

Did I mention I was only charging $27/hour at the time, too? $27 an hour, you guys!

So trust me when I say I get it. There were absolutely moments where I thought maybe I should just give it a rest, go back to a “real job” and forget about the life I knew was calling me.

(But just moments, loves. Fleeting moments.) So, if you sometimes wonder or doubt whether it’ll actually happen for you, I want you to know how much I understand.

And also, how important it is that you DON’T give up RIGHT before your big breakthrough. How about you check out today’s episode and soak up my tips, and then we can talk, okay? Because the truth is, I use the EXACT same tips I share in this episode today and I continue to book out my calendar with oodles of private and group clients. And I have full, 100% faith that if you put them into action, you’ll not only get your first YES, but set a foundation for about a million YESES to come. :)

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To your first OMG F*** YES!

Daria xo

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