13 Powerful Questions To Ask To Close A Sale

Today, we’re doing something a little different.

I know I talk a lot about branding. About figuring out who you are and who your ideal client is.

I talk a lot about speaking up, standing in your truth and creating a powerful presence and high visibility online.

I talk a lot about energy, money, and mindset.

Basically, I talk a lot about what you can do to attract the right people to you.

But you know what?

There’s a whooooole other part of online business that I actually adore, but don’t talk about nearly as much as.


That’s why in today’s new episode of the #signaturelife Champage Series, I’m giving away all my best sales closing questions – aka the most powerful (and sometimes provocative–in a good way!) open-ended questions you can ask to close sales.

And, you know, give your people what they need.

So yeah, the secret’s out! I DO love sales. And I absolutely love talking about sales and doling out sales tips, especially tips about closing the sale and specific closing techniques.

But I wasn’t born loving them, much less knowing how to “do” them. Oh heck no. Over time, I’ve learned to love them. And today, I think sales can actually be a very spiritual, loving, caring thing...if you do it right.

Nowadays – in my brain – selling is just giving people what they want and need.

But if you feel a little meh (or “Ugh”) about sales, I get it. And I also hope I can change your mind! ;)

The sales closing questions in today’s episode will help you:

  • Connect with your prospect (which is SO important in soulful sales!)
  • Get to the heart of their true objections (even the dreaded, “I have to think about it”)
  • Close the sale with more confidence, knowing you’ve truly done everything you can to help your prospect get what they truly desire

So, grab your cute Kate Spade notebook and your Le Blanc pen because you’re going to want to take notes–and lots of them!

>>> Watch the episode and get the questions here!

It’s true: It ROCKS getting lots of leads who love you flooding your inbox and Instagram comments.

But having loads of leads is even MORE awesome if you know what to say to close the sale and give them the transformation they want and need.

>>> Get my favorite closing techniques here.

I can’t wait to hear what you think – and what you’re able to do as a result!

To your #signaturelife,


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