Top 5 Things You Do NOT Need When Starting a Coaching Business

Sorry to start this off on a negative note, but here it goes: We’ve totally been sold a lie. *cue screeching halt*

By now, you’ve probably seen tons of different entrepreneurs (and their glossy Facebook ads) touting one ‘thing’ as the ultimate must-have to create a coaching business. I’m out here and I see it, too! It’s a confusing world out there for a new online coach!

That’s why I knew that when I received the following Q from a subscriber about the top 5 things you MUST have in place to start a successful coaching business, I had to answer it–and answer it transparently.

But because I’m a rule-breaker, I’m flipping it on it’s head. In today’s brand new #signaturelife Champagne Series episode, I’m giving you the full scoop on the opposite – aka the 5 things you actually DON’T need when you start your coaching biz.

I get it.

Some say it’s a fancy (read: expensive) website. Some swear it’s professional branding and photos – and a 3-5 minute promo video, for sure. Others are all about subscriptions to the latest apps and #automationnation. Even others say that a certification from the best life coach training money can buy is all that will do.

There’s so many supposed “MUST HAVES” it seems nearly IMPOSSIBLE to have them all.

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Now, I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t have any of the things I talk about in the video, so if you do have a few, don’t freak out. But I am saying you don’t need them...especially when you’re just starting out.

The truth is, I started my business without ANY of the things I mention in the video. Seriously. NONE.

And I actually even managed to go from zero to half a million dollars in sales in just 18 months without having most of these things. It wasn’t until I was actually raking in decent money – and starting to scale my business – that I invested in the majority of what I mention in this video.

So listen: It’s time to stop perpetuating (and believing) the lie, beautiful.

A successful coaching business is way closer – and cheaper ;) – than you think.


Curious to find out what the 5 don’t-needs are? (Um, #duh, right?)

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To your #signaturelife, 


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