The Exact Cost Of Starting A Coaching Business

“How much did it really cost you to start and grow your business?”

I get a lot of emails asking a lot of questions. But that one up there? That’s the million dollar question that I seem to get all.the.time.

Yep. Everyone wants to know the startup costs of starting a life coaching business and working as an online life coach (or online business coach, or online whatever coach!).

Today, I’m laying it all bare in the new #signaturelife Champagne Series episode: The Exact Cost Of Starting A Coaching Business.

But first, here’s what you should know about me: I grew my business from basically nothing. And when I say basically, I actually mean literally. I didn’t have any connections.

I didn’t have any training beyond my life coach certification.

And I definitely didn’t have a fat savings account or trust fund to dip into to turn my coaching biz into a reality!

I’m honestly just a regular girl (in fact, when I recorded this episode, I literally filmed it with my dressed unzipped in the back–you’ll see what I mean when you watch–because the show must go on, even if the dress doesn’t quite want to ;) ) who figured it out along the way.

But here’s what I’ve learned…

While there are about a bazillion strategies, apps and other things you can spend your money on to get your coaching biz off the ground, you actually don’t need wads of cash to make it happen.

It shouldn’t cost you a fortune to start a business online!

So, how much money do you really need to spend to make money?

If you’re mega curious, you’re in luck, ladylove!

I’m breaking down the exact numbers it took me to start and grow my business to consistent 5 figure months in this episode.

These are the investments I made at the very beginning of my business–when I had very little ‘business’ to speak of, save for the few $27 coaching sessions I was peddling from my bathroom floor. *insert face palm*

Catch the episode and you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what I did (and didn’t) invest in from the get-go–and how I decided what was worth dropping dollars on
  • The 3 biggest investments I made that helped me grow to six figures in less than 6 months–and exactly how much I spent (yep, I give you actual numbers!)
  • The invaluable investment every entrepreneur should make when starting out (even if you have like zero dollars) that will help you see the highest ROI possible
  • How I was able to crush my first few launches with a small list–and the one audience-builder I did invest in (happily)
  • How I built a strong personal brand–without a professional website or fancy photos which was actually super fun!

>>> Watch the episode right here!

Please don’t let my numbers scare you, BTW.

For some of you they might seem small, for others they might seem massive. But the truth is, you can build a successful business for even less than I did if you’re resourceful and smart with your investments.

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I hope this episode shatters some of the myths about what it takes to get a coaching biz off the ground.

You don’t need a gazillion dollars to make your dream a reality.

Especially when you’re just starting out.

Can I get a (champagne) cheers for that? ;)

Cheers to your success,