How To Find The Most Profitable Coaching Niche


Everybody (well, every business coach) talks about them.

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So, let’s talk about a few scenarios you might find yourself in around “niching.”

Do you have your niche – your “ideal client” – nailed down?

Have you ever been told to change your ideal client?

Do you sometimes feel like you've just chosen the wrong ideal client – or, like, you just can’t connect with them?

Or do you feel like you just can’t find your ideal clients – or worse, anybody who can afford you?

If you can relate to any of the above, yep. I get it. And pretty much any ‘expert’ will provide you with this well-meaning advice of “find a niche” or “find your niche.”

But does every coaching business really need a niche?

I’m gonna crawl out on a limb here (in my stilettos/espadrille wedges, no less ;) ) and say UM YES.

....But with a caveat, most experts don’t talk about. ;) (‘Cause I’m obviously no ordinary expert!)

See, here’s the good news, gorg: You can literally niche any way – and choose any ideal client–you want! No really.

I’ve found that you can create a profitable business in ANY niche if it hits just a few key marks.

(I mean, seriously. Have you seen “My Cat from Hell” or that dog-walking app, Wag? Clearly, there’s a market for ev-er-y-thing.)

And even better: This is one thing that won’t ever change. Why? Well, because in a nutshell, businesses exist to solve problems.

And humans are simply wired to have ‘problems.’

In fact, the other day I was watching the interview with Jack Ma on YouTube, and he said something that really hit me (and is probably the best ‘niching’ advice I’ve ever heard):

“When you see someone complaining, that’s your opportunity.”

There are a TON of ‘problems’ out there that different people need solved – which means there’s actually a never-ending amount of ‘niches’ and ‘ideal clients’ to serve!

(Apparently, including people who don’t have the time/energy to walk their dogs. :) )

You’ve just gotta pay attention.

Catch this week's new episode of the #signaturelife Champagne Series and you’ll learn all about my view on "niching", including:

  • The top 4 ways to make ANY niche profitable (if you hit all these, you’ll kill it–but miss one and you’re in trouble, sister!)
  • Why niching requires knowing your “signature element” (and if you’re new around here, you’ll learn exactly what that is and how to unearth yours)
  • The #1 thing most entrepreneurs do wrong when they niche that gets them a front row seat on the struggle bus :(

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I promise, if you take the advice I dole out in this video, you can literally make a killing doing anything–for any “ideal” client–your heart desires.

Even something as obscure as teaching cats not to scratch furniture. ;)

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To your #signaturelife,