3 streams of income that made me half a million

A few weeks ago, I shared one of my most vulnerable, successful and exciting Livestreams to date. (I’m totally still vibing SUPER high about it right now! #LiveBuzz)

In case you missed it, the masterclass was titled, “FULL DISCLOSURE: The $ Breakdown of $576,127 I Made in 18 Months” and it was the most in-depth, behind-the-scenes breakdown I’ve ever done. Like, ever.

I talked about exactly how I make money in my biz, including the super-specific steps – and specific passive income streams – it took to hit that number.

Unfortch, because I shared super sensitive financial information, I couldn’t offer a replay.

Buuuuut, I received such a HUGE positive response I’ve decided to devote more content to this topic, including multiple streams of income and how to make passive income online as a coach!

(I’m not joking: We’ve literally received tons of emails asking me to repeat this information, so I’ve decided to run an entire FREE 5-day challenge "Exact Income Streams That Made Me $576,127 In The First 18 Months Of Business: Full Disclosure & Dollar Breakdown", exclusively to dive deeper into this. More on that below!)

Now, I gotta be real about this whole thing “half a million” thing, okay?

I usually get one of three reactions when I say I made half a mil in my first 18 months as a coach.

Either people’s jaws drop, they roll their eyes or they say nothing, like they’re almost in shock.

I get it! It still feels shocking to me sometimes, too. The truth is, nobody could’ve predicted my level of success. Facts are facts, and honestly, mine don’t “realistically” add up.

Not so long ago, I was selling my coaching for $27 a sesh (and seriously contemplating giving up my gorgeous engagement ring to get by–that’s how desperate I was!).

When I first launched, I didn’t book a single client for 9 agonizing months. Not to mention, and I was living paycheck-to-paycheck despite making decent money at my miserable 9-5, because I was investing so much in my biz with ZERO ROI.

Before that, I was still living in post-communist Ukraine, daydreaming every single day about a life of “more” but with no clue how to actually go about you know, leaving the country (and all my friends and family) to start over somewhere else.

So, ladylove:

If you’re watching all these other coaches break the 6-figure, 7-figure and 8-figure marks–and feeling like it would take you forever and a day to reach those numbers...... I want you to know that it’s possible for you, too. No matter where you are right now. In fact, you’re probably making it a lot harder than it needs to be!

As “shocking” as it is, I was able to turn everything around in a little over a year–and I was able to do it without incessantly creating brand new income streams (and content).

But here’s the thing: I didn’t actually DO more to EARN more.

When I decided to keep things simpler by focusing on a few key income streams and start using them in smarter ways–or, you know, hustling the #girlboss way–my business was easier to run and my income skyrocketed!

It sounds counterintuitive, but this “simple” approach truly works.

If this idea intrigues you and you wanna steal my secrets, then good news: A brand new episode of the #signaturelife Champagne Series is live–and in it, I’m opening up again about the three income streams that helped me create half a million dollars in my first 18 months in business– with ONLY 4000 people on my list (not exactly a “half a million dollar” following if you ask most “experts”!).

>>> Watch this week's episode now here.

Watch and you’ll learn:

  • Exactly which income streams helped me hit half a million in sales in just 18 months
  • How I turned three income streams into five extremely lucrative ones, without adding anything new!
  • How to properly “stack” your income streams so you can spend your $$ and energy delivering *serious* value to current customers and creating raving fans who’ll buy from you over and over–rather than growing a huge, random following!
  • The ins and outs of “repurposing” your income streams (yep, this is a thing–and it’s a major time and sanity-saver!)
  • The exact steps you can take to replicate this in your business THIS month to get similar results (you just gotta commit and do the work!)

>>> Click here to watch now! 

If you want to start creating real wealth with your business (without constantly being at your desk, skipping family dinners and ALL your weekly hot yoga classes and writing content until the wee hours of the morning), the key truly is to keep it simple. Oh, and get resourceful AF with what you already have.

Soooo many people get lost in non-stop “hamster wheel” of creating of new stuff–instead of just taking a good, hard look at how they can maximize what they’ve already poured blood, sweat, tears (and lots of love) into. Seriously: If you’ve already created a few income streams for your biz, you’re literally sitting on a gold mine, right now!

Trust me. I would know.

>>> Watch the episode and learn exactly how I did it!

Bottom line, love? You, too, can EARN more without DOING more.

Check out this new episode and let me start to show you the way!

To your #signaturelife,

P.S. Want to know even more about the income streams that took me from broke-as-a-joke to banking $576,127 (and exploring 24 countries in 18 months)? Of course you do! Then make sure to join my FREE 5-day Live Challenge,"Exact Income Streams That Made Me $576,127 In The First 18 Months Of Business: Full Disclosure & Dollar Breakdown", May 28th - June 1st , where I’ll dive into each stream of income in detail. No opt-in required, just make sure to open my emails to get all your access information. You’re welcome. ;)

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