How To Get Consistent Coaching Clients

Serious Q for my life coaches, business coaches, health coaches (or anyone with any coaching business, really)…Do you feel like it’s hard to get consistent clients?

I know if you asked Daria cerca spring 2015, she’d probably say, “Um...heck yes!”

...Especially good-paying ones.

See, back when I was side-hustling as a life coach (read: trying to pick up clients while still grinding at my Fortune 500 day job), I didn’t exactly have a “coaching business plan.”

I pretty much just took on anyone who would say yes to me–and my lowest-of-low $27 coaching sessions.

And – let’s be real – even at those prices, people weren’t exactly lined up around the block or banging down my (teeny-tiny) apartment door to throw money at me.

Don’t get me wrong: I was super grateful for every single $27 client because I knew it was a stiletto-step in the right direction.

But I also knew that $27 wasn’t the price I was meant to charge – and the type of clients I was attracting at those rates weren’t the clients I was truly meant to serve, either.

Most of those $27 clients were only there to “get a good deal” and they just didn’t come back for more. It all felt very hit or miss. Of course, I felt a little guilty (as I always have) for wanting more. Where I come from, in decades past women would’ve killed to make $27 an hour, and here I was, feeling super unsatisfied with it.

How about you, gorg?

Do you ever feel guilty for wanting more – but yet *know* deep down you deserve it?

Do you get a few clients here or there, but really want to step it up and start consistently booking yourself out with quality clients?

I had an inkling you’d say yes to both. ;)

Luckily, over the years, I’ve soaked up loads of knowledge about how to actually get consistent clients (and shockingly, pricing your offers so low you can barely pay your bills is not part of the equation. ;) )

In fact, what I’ve discovered is that getting consistent clients is a much more spiritual practice than anything else. And? It has very little to do with the actual clients...and a lot more to do with YOU. Yep, really!

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In the new #signaturelife Champagne Series episode, I’m hooking you up with a behind-the-scenes look at everything I learned that took me from zero to half a million dollars in my first 18 months, and now helps me stay booked out with quality clients (with zero guilt!), including:

  • Why relationships are everything–and my top 2 pro tips for creating real connections (I <3 me some automation and funnels, but these techniques not only make me money, they also give me warm fuzzies...and recurring clients ;) )
  • What your ‘energy’ has to do with booking consistent clients (read: it’s what people are *really* buying) – and how to energetically attract clients you love, over and over again
  • How to put together a system that easily funnels energy (and clients and money) into your business – not plugs up the flow!

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(Warning: This ep totally gets a little woo-woo! )

“Getting consistent clients” all starts with YOU and YOUR ENERGY – which means YOU hold ALL the power to change it (which is both good and bad news, amiright? ;) ).

All you have to is decide to be fully you and own it – and the clients will come.

Don’t believe me? / Not sure you believe me?

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