How to Start Your Own Business & Stand Out

See that beauty down below? If you don’t already know (or don’t already have your copy which you can grab here), it’s our Coaching to Greatness Journal. 

(Isn’t it so pretty and pink?! I DIE.)

And I’m totally going to tell you a fascinating story about it in just a sec. (Hold onto your lipstick, lady – it’s a good one!)

Let’s talk business. Literally.

The truth is, there’s a lot you need to know when starting your own business. If you’re curious about how to start your own business (or–more accurately – how to start an online business) and let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t….

Well, the truth is, it isn’t always easy. It can be downright challenging. Aaaaand don’t shoot the messenger, but I’d say if you want to truly become an entrepreneur and a standout, successful, always-booked-to-the-brim kinda coach, you should probably just ban the “easy” from your vocab.

A start-up business can be fun and flowy and not feel like work, sure. But will it be easy? I don’t know if I’d go that far ;)

Here’s the deal, though: Even if it’s not easy and your day-to-day life as a coach (especially a new coach) is riddled with ups and downs and challenges firing from all around, you don’t have to see challenges as these big, scary, hairy things!

You don’t have to let them stop you, paralyze you or keep you stuck (AF).

In fact, sometimes, something you think is a challenge might turn out to be ‘the thing’ that helps you create your next big thing. And that leads me back to the beautiful Coaching to Greatness Journal. The truth is, I didn’t just wake up one morning like, “I’m going to create a journal today!” or get a ‘download’ in the middle of a meditation. (Totally not knocking that stuff, but it’s just not how it went down for me!)

Instead, I came up with the idea because for months, I struggled to keep myself – and my client notes – organized.

See, as my practice grew (halllelujah!), so did the number of clients I took on...and the number of notes I had to keep about each of those clients.

Buuuuut, without any client-session-management system in place, I’d end the day with 100 notes for every different client, all scrawled in various notebooks and typed into random Google Docs that I’d forget about the next day.

For a hot minute, I seriously struggled to keep everything straight and organize all my sessions, client notes and goals. Which meant not only did I feel like a total hot mess express, I also had a hard time keeping my clients accountable and motivate them to do the work (because sometimes, I couldn’t find/remember what ‘their work’ actually was! I’m talking months of face-palming, flipping through notebooks freaking out because I couldn’t remember what my current client was up to and feeling like a bit of a failure).

As a coach yourself, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

But anywho...I sat with that discomfort – that challenge – for awhile. Until I legit couldn’t take it anymore.

I knew I couldn’t go on the way I was – ’cause not only was I disappointing myself, I was worried I wasn’t giving my client’s the absolute best of me, either. So, eventually, I sat down to figure out a freaking solution. And that, my lady love, is how the Coaching To Greatness Journal was born.

The moral of this long-winded story about the prettiest (and savviest) journal of all time is this: Your challenges can become your biggest inspiration and help you create something unique in your business!

Today, I get soooo many messages of love, gratitude and appreciation from coaches all around the globe thanking me for putting together such an invaluable, unique and MUCH-NEEDED tool. If I hadn’t struggled with organization myself – and realized that my ideal clients were also probably a lot like me in that department – I never would’ve decided to create the journal. Want to know exactly how you can turn your ideas (including your challenges) into cash (really!)?

I’ve got a treat for you.

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During this brand new episode of the #signaturelife Champagne Series, How to Start Your Own Business & Stand Out, I talk alllll about finding fresh ideas for offers/products/things your ideal clients will love, including:

  • What to do if your ideas are falling flat with your audience (A TON of entrepreneurs make this ridiculously-easy-to-make mistake when creating new offers. Luckily, it’s just as easy to ‘fix’ as it is to commit!)
  • Why “ideas” are actually bullshit (pardon my French) - and why you really need to stop waiting for ideas to fall from the sky (and what to do instead!)
  • Why DECISION and EXECUTION trump ‘INSPIRATION’ (and why you should never waste your precious AF time ‘looking for an idea’ when you want to create a new offer/product/service)
  • The “Model” technique you can use to put yourself in the same category as the most successful people you know

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Trust moi, gorgeous, if you’ve ever felt like you:

Don’t know how in the world to stand out in a sea of sameness (and a million other coaches spouting the same messages and offering the same kinda stuff)...

Don’t know how to truly fulfill your client's needs or wants (and your sales numbers show it, big time)...

Don’t know what to do about it...

You must watch this video.

Just be prepared to have the way you look at your business – and your challenges – change forever ;) #you'vebeenwarned

To your #signaturelife,

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