How To Master Your Money Game

I have a special treat for you today that I’m over-the-moon-and-stars-and-all-the-planets to share!

Seriously: Money is one of my favorite topics ever, and today I’m sooo excited because I’m about to talk about it.

Like, a lot.

I’ll never forget the first time I really dug into my money mindset and winning the game of money. I was reading the book, The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist (totally recommend, BTW) and one of the very first exercises in the book was to write a love letter to money. Say what?

Yeah, it sounded a little out there, but since that's how I roll anyway –and I knew Ms. Twist clearly knew more about money than I did at the time – I did what she said. I pulled out my sparkly pink notebook and got to work.

And babe, let me tell you: I poured my heart and soul into this letter. I told money #allthethings, I told it how I felt about it. At the end of this exercise, I felt pretty...strange.

But then, it got weirder. Lynne told us to do a switcharoo and change the word “money” to our own name – and then read the letter again. I was utterly shocked about how it felt to hear those words about myself. Just imagine some of the terrible things you say about money.

Money is for greedy people.

Money is dirty.

Money is the root of all evil.

Now, imagine saying/reading those things about yourself. Cue jaw-dropping gasp.

Seriously: If another person was calling you greedy, dirty and evil, it’d probably shatter your heart...and I can guarantee if you were in a relationship with the person spewing this vitriol, you’d dump them in an instant and put all their things in a box to the left, Beyonce-style. ;)

So then why is it that so many entrepreneurs (maybe you?) feel like it’s okay to trash talk money...while at the same time expecting it to flow into your life like no big thing?

You know what I’ve learned since that fateful day I read a horrible letter about money (and then, about me)?

Money has a soul and hears everything you think/hear/say about it.

So just imagine how money ‘feels’ when you’re constantly putting it down, talking about how terrible or selfish it is to want it, or going on about how downright awful all the people who have it are.

Insert record scratch noise. Anyway, the real treat I’m sharing with you today is the fact that if you’re still thinking stinkin’ thoughts about money, I’ve got some hard-won advice that can totally help you out!

In today’s new episode of #signaturelife Champagne Series, I’m sharing #allthethings I know about winning the game of money and money mastery!

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In the episode I dig into:

  • How to speak about money if you want it to effortlessly flow into your life
  • What you need to focus on every single day if you want to make big money with your biz
  • Why massive gratitude for every little cent you have available will change your money game forever

Just wait til you see this one! Watch it here.

So, if you find yourself unable to bust through a certain income ceiling ($10k months, anyone?)...

Or feel uncomfortable quoting or saying higher prices out loud (even though you know you’re totally worth it)...

Or still feel a little envious/angry/annoyed when somebody rolls past you in a sparkling white Tesla...

This video TRULY has the power to help you transform all your icky money thoughts, beliefs and craziness into trust, gratitude and of course, way more money. It’s a MUST watch.

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To your #signaturelife,

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