10 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Are Different

I have a (maj) confession: I don’t always feel like making these videos. Wait, what? Yeah, you heard (or read) me right. Don’t get me wrong: I loooove sharing valuable content.

I love giving and loading you up with “entrepreneur advice” or "top entrepreneur ideas.”

Some might even call me an over-giver.

Buuuut, I’m just not always in “the mood” to talk about things like “qualities of a successful businesswoman”. It’s not you, it’s me. I promise.

But you might feel me on this. Tell me: You also probably don’t “feel like” doing everything you need to do for your life and business, every single day, right? I thought so.

But if you want to ‘make it’ as an entrepreneur, you have to make sure you’re living every single day in alignment with your priorities – not with how you feel.

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Sure, maybe you don’t feel like slipping on your Nikes and trekking across town to the gym at 5 am. But, if your priority is to wake up earlier and take care of your body before the kids wake up, then that's what you need to do to stay aligned with your priorities.

It’s not always easy. Trust me. I mean, I definitely didn't feel like coaching 50 clients in a span of 4 months back in 2016, but my priority was to serve 50 women on the edge of change.

So? I did it anyway – and my business blossomed like crazy from the success stories they shared!

I also didn't feel like picking up and moving away from all my friends and family to a totally different part of the world. But my priority was to create a better life for myself, so I did it anyway.

Do you feel me on this?

If you’re anything like me, you probably find yourself “not feeling like it” approximately 100 times a day – no matter what you’re doing.

You don’t feel like writing the newsletter even though you know it’s going be jam-packed with goodness your readers will love.

You don’t feel like putting the final touches on that dang sales page that’s been on your to-do list for months.

And you definitely don’t feel like going Live (especially because it requires putting on makeup...or so you’ve decided).

Been there, gorgeous? I thought so.

The good news is that when you know your priorities, you can always choose to feel the feels and do what you need to do so stay in alignment with your priorities anyway...regardless of how you feel.

And the better news is you probably already know all this already. Why? Because SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs have an uncanny, natural ability to override the current feelings and just get shit done.

It’s one of the many things that make us different than other people.

And that’s what I really want to talk to you about today.

‘Cause let’s be real: Entrepreneurs are different. We’re relentless, we’re fighters and we set higher standards than most people would ever even consider setting.

And that’s both a blessing and curse.

In this week's episode, I dish on 10 (Other) Ways Successful Entrepreneurs are Different, including:

  • Why truly successful entrepreneurs need to leave their ego out of their work–and how to do it.
  • Where the most successful entrepreneurs focus first (spoiler alert: it’s not on speed or numbers)
  • The real secret to #winning in biz–and how successful entrepreneurs do it right.
  • What entrepreneurs do about naysayers that makes ‘regular people’ uncomfortable
  • Why most entrepreneurs surprisingly AREN’T competitive people – and what fuels them instead.
  • Why you shouldn’t worry so much about “being great” (and what you should definitely worry–or at least think–about)

...And more!

I think after watching this video you’ll wholeheartedly agree that entrepreneurs are quite the unique bunch.

And I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize yourself in at least a few examples...if not all of them. ;)

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Hope you love–and learn from–it!

To your #signaturelife,

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