Dealing With Anxiety & Social Phobia Online

Racing heart. Sweaty palms. A pit in your stomach.

Even if you don’t have social phobia, the mere thought of putting yourself out there, whether that’s Live on Facebook (or another video platform – hey, Instagram Live!) or in real life (speak about the front row at cycling classes), can lead to all of the above.

If you’re dealing with anxiety around putting your pretty face on camera to grow your coaching business, you’re in luck: I just created a new episode of the #signaturelife Champagne Series all about how to cope with anxiety that comes with “being seen”.

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Listen: I get it. Overcoming fear to “put yourself out there” isn’t easy.

And I don’t know about you, but for me, it isn’t just online that I struggle to “show up” and “be visible”.

See, whenever I come to my fave cycling class (which is 3x week – Tue, Thurs, and Sat if you’re curious ;) ), the front row is NEVER crowded.

People shy away from the front row, because, well, you puts you front and center! People behind you can basically see your every move and that’s nerve-wracking AF for most of us.

I was no different. I avoided that row for months. I literally felt like I would have a heart attack if I got the front row seat.

Finally, one day, I woke up knowing I was done with that. And it wasn’t just about the cycling, either. I was done with sitting behind – or shall I say, putting myself behind – and decided that it is in my power to get myself in front.

The truth is, the front row is actually the best spot in the house. You get the best view, the best air (there’s no chance the person in front of you forgot to put on deodorant that morning – you know what I'm talking about! ;) ), and of course, you can’t see anyone around you, so you never feel like you’re competing with anyone else – just yourself. It’s like putting cycling-blinders on.

So now? I ONLY take the front row seat – and I ONLY compete with myself.

When you put yourself out there online, it’s like getting yourself a bike in the front row. Because you finally stop competing with everybody else – and start competing with yourself.

But, how do you get the courage to put yourself out there in the first place?

That’s where this shiny, new #signaturelife Champagne Series, Dealing With Anxiety & Social Phobia Online, comes in. Today, I’m revealing all my best tips for dealing with the anxiety to go live and be seen online, like:

  • Where – and how – to find like-minded women who actually get it (this alone will help you feel about 1000x better immediately)
  • Why opening up about your fear is the best thing you can do if you really want to feel comfortable being more visible
  • How to stop letting your own expectations, expectations from the outside to the inside - don’t expect a certain reaction from the outside, ONLY expect a certain reaction from yourself (e.g. feeling proud that you did it)
  • Why rewarding yourself is the new black (and how do it right!)
  • My “visualization secret” that will instantly lower your anxiety around live streams and have you showing up (smiling) on camera in no time!

Listen, I know what people see when they see me on camera these days. But the truth is, I didn’t start that way. And behind the red lips and uber-confidence, there’s still just a little girl who one day DARED to dream bigger – a girl who left her family and friends behind, moved to a different part of the world, had a horrible accent, and struggled to even take the front seat in a freaking cycle class – and STILL against all odds, built close to a million dollar empire in around 2 years.

YOU truly are in control of your destiny. Go ahead and watch the video here. Make sure to leave a comment with your favorite tip!

Trust me, you’ll be amazed at what can happen when you put just a few of these simple techniques (and ‘mind tricks’) into play!

To your #signaturelife,
Daria xo

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