How To Not Be Jealous And Learn To Love Yourself

Tell me: Are you the girl who checks her iPhone before she even leaves her bed?

I was for years. I’d lie in bed (#dreading going to my corporate job) and scroll through Instagram or Facebook, see these incredible women out there doing the things I wanted to do – traveling the world, booking large speaking gigs, landing impressive clients – and feel instantly bad about myself.

The good news? If you want to know how not to be jealous of others, it IS possible. Letting go of jealousy and learning to love yourself is all about creating a positive attitude about the people you envy, and realizing that jealousy can actually be a force for good, positive change!

Nope, you don’t have to let the green monster turn you into a total crazy person.

Instead, you can use it to discover and fuel your desire to create an incredible life for yourself!

Wanna know all my secrets for turning jealousy into a force for good?

Then you need to watch the #signaturelife Champagne Series' new episode, How To Not Be Jealous And Learn To Love Yourself.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What jealousy REALLY is and the GAME-CHANGING secret behind your envy (you’re gonna wanna hear this – trust me!)
  • A powerful visualization exercise that’ll positively (and quite magically ;) ) transform the way you look at whoever you’re jealous of (and yourself, too!)
  • How to discover what you truly admire in others – and exactly how to get it yourself! (I’m talking a step-by-step roadmap. Really – I’ve got a technique that works!)

A few years ago, I was jealous of pretty much every other coach I saw, for one reason or another.

I was jealous of the 5-star hotels they were staying in that I knew I couldn’t afford.

I was jealous of their business class flights (and free champagne – oh, be still my heart!) when I could barely afford to fly economy.

I was jealous of their shiny, luxe apartments when I had a bedroom that was also an office and a kitchen.

And I was definitely jealous that they were taking coaching calls from the Caribbean or the Mediterranean while I was doing my discovery calls on my tiny bathroom floor.

But just two years later? I’m a #bosslady with a thriving, growing business that’s slated to hit 7 figures in sales before I even turn 30.

Oh, what difference a few years makes!

The truth – which took me awhile to learn – is that you can only ‘see’ something in someone else that’s already inside you. Which basically means everything you’re jealous of is just an untapped or underdeveloped character you already have!

I know it might sound a little woo, but it’s 100% true.

Don’t get me wrong: Jealousy still strikes, but now I know exactly how to use it to make myself a better woman, businesswoman and human. Which is pretty dang awesome!

Oh, and BTW? A lot of those women I used to get scroll-stoppingly jealous over have become my friends, colleagues and mentors. Just a fun side effect of learning how to win out over the green-eyed monster!

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To your #signaturelife,
Dario xo

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