How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind For Success

Here’s the truth: Humans have serious mind power. Our brains are capable of incredible things – like breathing, doing yoga and remembering the exact date of the next Nordstrom Anniversary sale –and some not-so-incredible things, too. Especially our subconscious mind!

If you’ve ever thought something like:

“I’m such a failure.”

“I’m working so hard but nothing’s happening.”

“Maybe I’m just not pretty/smart/talented enough for success.”

“I'll never get where I want to go with my business.”

That’s the power of your subconscious mind at work!

In fact, 97% of what happens inside our bodies and minds happens on a subconscious level. We don’t have to think about things like blinking or swallowing – or replaying our fears over and over again. So yeah, the subconscious mind is kind of a big deal.

But here’s the problem: Your subconscious mind – when left unchecked – can become a silent dream-killer and confidence-crusher.

Because when all those negative thoughts up there are running on autopilot for YEARS in the background of your life, you eventually start to believe them.

The good news? You have the power to manage your mind like a #ladyboss and turn your subconscious into your biggest ally and #bizbestie RIGHT NOW.

How do I know? Because I’ve done it! I mean, let’s be honest: I didn’t start my business as the confident-on-camera woman you see on your Facebook feed nowadays. When I first launched my coaching biz, I had all kinds of subsconscious craziness going on. I had a massive fear of visibility/being seen. I was worried about everything from my hair to my bright lipstick and what others would think of me. Crazy, I know. I also had major fears about coaching (let alone going Live!) in another language. What if I messed up my pronunciation, said something stupid or ‘grammatically incorrect’ or couldn’t get the ‘right’ word out? #socialmediasuicide

And of course, I also had my lifelong fear of being “too much” and everyone from my family to colleagues judging me, my ideas and even my outfits.

But as it turns out, none of that was really “me.” It was just my subconscious mind doing what it does best: stopping me from change.

See, when we set big, lofty goals, there’s this immediate tension between our conscious goal and subconscious beliefs. So, if we have fears under the surface (and we ALL do!), they’ll start running on autoplay without us even realizing it. Which means getting ourselves to believe we can reach our goals – let alone take action on them – ends up feeling like pushing a boulder up a Louboutins. ;)

SO...we’ve gotta get our conscious goals and subconscious minds in alignment if we ever hope or make bold moves or hit our big goals.

The good news is that since your subconscious is actually a lot like a computer running on autopilot, with a little work and the right tools, you can reprogram it so it actually HELPS you, not HINDER you.

And juuuust in case you need a little help in that arena, I’ve got your back.

The latest #signaturelife Champagne Series is all about the subconscious mind and exactly what you need to do to show who’s the REAL boss! ;)

>>> Watch the full episode here.

During this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get your Ego to step aside so you can ask your SM what she’s here to teach you (because that’s her real goal – to give you a message she thinks will help!)
  • Get super-specific about what EXACT story is running the subconscious show
  • Make – and keep – promises to your SM so it feels ‘safe’ to let go of your old stories and negative ‘tapes’ (and you can choose empowering new ones instead!)
  • Flood your SM with positive examples and stories that debunk the crazy stories it’s telling you behind-the-scenes
  • Exactly how to engrain new, positive subconscious beliefs into your body with powerful affirmations and near-magical reminders

Our minds are literally SO powerful. They can make – or break – us.

But those feelings of “I’m not good enough/this is never gonna happen” will continue forever behind-the-scenes automatically, unless you put a stop to them.

So go ahead and watch this episode now so you can start turning your brain into your biggest ally, not your worst frenemy, sooner rather than later.

You ready? >>> Click here now.

To your #signaturelife,
Daria xo

P.S. You’re amazing, magical and have really great hair ;) Don’t let anyone – let alone yourself (read: your subconscious mind) tell you any different. Keep an eye on your inbox this week because I'll be sending you a very special gift on Valentine's day (yay!).