[Behind The Red Lips] Part 3: The Ugly Truth Behind My Success

For every luxurious vacation (and chic hotel bathroom, complete with walk-in shower) you see on my Instagram Stories…

Or every gushing client testimonial on my website…

Or every $100k I breakdown for you on a webinar...There’s always more to the story.

From potential clients saying “see ya” because of my accent to rage-filled emails exploding insults about what I stand for (and even my looks), the truth is that my first few years in business have had both major ups AND major downs. Basically, babe? Everything that glitters is NOT gold (much to my dismay ;) ). #lovemesomegold

Two years into my business, I now know that to become successful in life, you have to take the good with the bad. (I also know that “success” on the surface doesn’t always reflect all the hustle, headache and heartache underneath!)

That’s exactly why I created the Behind the Red Lips series to begin with – and specifically, today’s final episode, “The Ugly Truth Behind My Success.” Ready to watch?

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Honestly, it’s no wonder I get dozens of messages everyday from women asking me how to become successful in life or how to become a successful person in general.

The fact is, there just isn’t that much information available that isn’t totally sugar-coated, hyped up or straight up fabricated!

But in this episode, I’m going there babes.

I think you deserve the truth – the good, bad and yes, the ugly.

Today’s episode includes a few powerful anecdotes from my first few years and gives you the most real, revealing & vulnerable look at what went on behind-the-scenes for me to get where I am today.

Tune in and you’ll hear “ugly” truths most business owners probably wouldn’t even admit out loud, including:

  • The worst emails I’ve ever received (this is jaw-dropping stuff, babes–hang onto your wide-brim hats!)

  • The one mindset from my home country that deeply held me back–and how I completely transformed it

  • What it really means to live a #laptoplifestyle (spoiler alert: it’s probably NOT what you think)

  • A shocking look at my day-to-day life, including exactly how much I work & socialize

  • What caused me to almost quit my business – this one mindset freaked me out like whoa

  • And lots more!

And there ya have it, gorgeous!

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If you know me at all, you know always promise to always keep it real with you, even when it’s embarrassing or hard for me, and today I definitely believe I delivered on that promise!

Thanks so much for following along while I’ve been baring my soul by opening the Kimono (almost literally...I’m definitely sporting my fave kimono in all these vids!) and sharing the not-so-pretty stuff behind my pretty-on-purpose Instagram – aka the REAL stuff that turned me into the successful, tough love businesswoman I am today.

Now, go check out the new episode!

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Sending you love today & always,

Daria Zest

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