[Behind The Red Lips] Part 2: Things I Didn’t Share On Social Media

Honestly? I share a LOT of my life on social media.

Thanks to a killer social media marketing plan that involves a lot of plotting and planning (and indulging in celery juice lately to fuel my brain), I make hard decisions every day about what to show online –and what to keep private.

Of course, I’m totally cool sharing my travels, I’m tickled pink to dole out business tips, and I loooove answering questions from my audience.

But even though I’m a pretty open book, the truth is, there’s A LOT that DOESN’T make it onto my social media plan – and subsequently, my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...you name it.

And THAT’S what today’s Behind the Red Lips episode #2 is all about – going behind-the-scenes (and Kimono ;) ) and letting you in on 4 major events that took place in my business last year that I purposely banned from social media.

This is the stuff that never made it to my Timeline (or your Newsfeed)...ON PURPOSE.

(BTW – haven’t seen episode one yet? Do yourself a favor and watch it here now!).

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You’ll hear ALL about….

  • The truth behind what it took to build my own rockstar team (Spoiler alert: It straight up sucked, and I struggled with everything from cheating to ghosting!)

  • How I dealt with everything from cyber attacks to bullying to threats to chargebacks to BLACKMAIL–no joke!–and the invaluable lessons I learned along the way

  • The one (super) unexpected “No” from someone I respected that threw me off for WEEKS!

  • PLUS: Practical ways I stayed high vibe through all the craziness–and how you can quickly switch from low vibe to high vibe no matter what’s going on around you

  • And more!

So, why am I sharing this stuff now, you might be wondering? Well, because honestly, I didn’t feel like I could make a series called “Behind the Red Lips” without sharing this stuff!

But really, it’s ALSO because I know far too many newer entrepreneurs have this belief that “successful” business owners have super smooth, easy lives. That they don’t deal with crazy crap, too. And that’s just SO far from the truth.

So – with shaky hands and bated breath – I’m going there, babes.

I can only hope that this episode will help you see that “successful” business owners also deal with THE SAME STUFF YOU DO (they just don’t talk about it on social media!).

But more importantly, that they ALSO don’t let it stop them! You WILL have haters. You WILL struggle. You WILL cry. You WILL question yourself...hundreds of times.

(Trust me, I did ALL of the above.)

But just like I did...you WILL LEARN from it.

And you WILL make it, too. TBH, all the greatest entrepreneurs I know have seen some serious lows. And I hope that by sharing mine with you, you realize that you are ALWAYS in control – no matter what kinda craziness is thrown at you on the outside.

(Of course, you’re also in control of whether you share it on social media. ;) )

Now, let’s go behind the red lips again, shall we?

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Daria Zest

P.S. The next and final episode of the Behind the Rep Lips mini-series is coming up soon...and it was a TOUGH one to film. Stay tuned!