The Best Business Advice For Female Entrepreneurs

Sara Blakely. Jessica Alba. Beyoncé.There are a lot of women entrepreneurs out there I look up to.

I listen to what they have to say. I respect their opinions (even if we don’t 100% agree all the time). And I usually heed their advice.

But there is one person out there I will NEVER take advice from.

Want to know who? (I’m sure you’re basically dying to know, right?).

Well then, my love, I’ll tell you: Anyone who isn’t actively working toward – or already achieving – their dreams. No, really!

I have a very simple-but-steadfast rule: If I admire someone’s life (and maaaaybe their wardrobe, but that’s a whole other topic) and the work they’re doing in the world, I’ll listen to them.

If I know someone has grit, tenacity and a “no quit” attitude about them...I’ll basically follow them to the end of the earth. I’ll soak up the wisdom in their podcasts, I’ll take their courses just to get closer to them and I’ll definitely read all their books. Proooobably while on a plane or in the bathtub. #myhappyplaces

The truth is this: If someone is positive, upbeat and believes in themselves...I value what they have to say a lot more than someone who sits around and whines about their life or constantly talks trash about others and their goals. If that person tries to give me advice, I generally leave it at the door. (Or don’t even let it in to begin with.)

Do you have anyone in your life who’s a naysayer or dream-killer?

Maybe you’ve had someone tell you to be more realistic, or stop daydreaming, or “just suck it up and get a regular job” (my favorite). I think we all have that someone in our lives – especially once we start speaking openly about our dreams!

That’s why today, I wanted to round up some of my best advice for women entrepreneurs. This is advice from someone who has been there, done that, got the cute peplum t-shirt. Someone who sees greatness in you already. And someone who would never tell you to be more realistic.

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During today’s episode, The Best Business Advice For Female Entrepreneurs, you’ll learn:

  • Why you have to watch out for “thinking too small”–even if you feel like you’re “thinking big” (Trust me: I always thought crossing 7 figures in my business would be a HUGE deal until I realized that million makes you more broke than rich–that’s NOT a lot of money at all!)

  • A simple experiment to do to get out of your own way and help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be (lightning-fast)

  • Why staying in the game the longest is a surefire way to win (‘cause as they say, “Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force, but through persistence”)

  • How to play a bigger game and why you must choose bigger goals (even if they feel outlandish at first)

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See, I get it. When I launched my own coaching biz back in 2015, everyone around me had an opinion.

People were throwing (usually bad) advice at me like it was going out of style. I had a ton of well-meaning people trying to “talk me back down” to reality, but were really just out to extinguish my flames because they had never fanned their own.

Clearly, I didn’t let them stop me. And I’m definitely glad I’m able to discern who to listen to nowadays.

Because today, my “crazy” dreams ARE my reality.

And I’ve done it by surrounding myself with others who “get me”– not tear me down, or try to “rationalize” my dreams back down to a level that’s comfortable for them.

Like I always say, “You gotta make your dreams a priority until they become your reality.”

Forget your mom’s dreams, or your well-meaning great aunt’s dreams, or your old bestie from high school’s dreams.

And for the love of all things champagne, don’t listen to anyone who’s own reality doesn’t look remotely like your dreams!

You just keeping dreaming anyway, okay, girlfriend?

To your #signaturelife,

Daria Zest

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