How I Overcome Obstacles In My Business

Okay, scenario time: What would you do if you found out one of your team members was cheating on you behind your back?...

Or if you (finally) hit the number of social followers you desperately wanted, only to realize that the more followers you have, the more negativity, shade and general craziness is thrown your way?...

Or if that one thing or idea didn’t work out the way you wanted?

Or the very people you went above and beyond for totally (and blatantly) didn’t appreciate you?

All of those are very real business challenges I’ve faced in my years as a coach.

Oh yes. I’ve literally had team members doing things behind my back. I’ve had people slide into my DMs just to call me ugly names and make fun of me. I've had clients playing conspiracy games against me.

And yet, I continue to run a thriving coaching business that serves hundreds of happy-as-a-girl-in-a-Chanel-store clients around the world.

You might wonder (and people often ask me) how I’ve found the courage, strength, and resilience to go on amidst all that kinda craziness.

That’s precisely why I decided to dedicate today’s episode of the #signaturelife Champagne Series to talking all about how I deal with obstacles.

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(Spoiler alert: The first step I had to take was to stop thinking about obstacles as something “bad” and turn them into something neutral. But we’ll get into that later.)

In this episode, I’m revealing all my best tips for dealing with challenges that happen in your biz, including:

  • Why you need a super-solid support system (always)

  • How to be your own biggest, craziest cheerleader–no matter what

  • How to ensure your head hits the pillow each night with 100% confidence that you did your best–and why the heck this is absolutely critical to your success

  • And lots more!

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It’s true: Your obstacles might look a little different than mine. Maybe you don’t even have a team, or you’ve never had a hater troll you on Facebook Live (because you have so few viewers anyway), or you haven’t even “launched” anything (so how could you possibly “flop”?).

I understand.

But the not-so-sweet truth is the struggles of entrepreneurship are VERY real for EVERY business owner.

It doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 10k Instagram followers. It doesn’t matter if you bank $10k a month or $100 a month.

And it definitely doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business 5 months – or 5 years.

You’ll still deal with some crappy stuff. And, darling, I want to make sure you’re armed-n-ready when the sh** inevitably hits the fan.

There will always be obstacles, issues and things that go off the rails in your business.

And while I can’t teach you how to eliminate obstacles forever…

...I can teach you how to roll with them, normalize them and stop letting them totally derail you and your biz. You ready?

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To your #signaturelife,

Daria Zest

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