Time Management Skills To Be Productive

Time. We all think we need more of it.

I mean, how often have you heard (or said) something like...“If I had more time, I’d totally get in shape.”

“If I had more time, I’d totally start a podcast.”

“Oh, I’m so busy right now. When I have more time, I’ll totally get around to writing weekly blog posts.”

Right? Loads of clients come to me with complaints about time-this and time-that. And don’t get me wrong: I get it.

That's why today's episode of the #signaturelife Champagne Series, the new weekly series around here where I dole out my hard-won advice on #allthethings it takes to run a highly-successful coaching business, is about my secret to time management.

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I used to read that “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé” meme and get so annoyed. Sure, I have 24 hours in a day, too–but you know what Beyonce has that I don’t? Top-notch hired help swarming around her all day and helping her get shizz done. (Today, I actually do have an epic team. But that’s another story for another day.) 

But here’s the deal: Time isn’t as mysterious – and rare – as we make it out to be.

We use time as an excuse for almost everything. But you know what I’ve found? We ALWAYS find time to do what we really need or want to do. There’s ALWAYS enough time to do the things we deem most important. Like…I might not “have time” to make a fresh, delish green juice from scratch (because, OMG, it’s so time-consuming and messy!)...but I do it anyway because I like the results and the mega energy blast I get right after.

I might not “have time” to peruse Chanel.com because I have a jillion things on my To Do List, but you better believe I do it anyway! ;)

Maybe for you, it looks a little different. Like maybe you “don’t have time” to cook a family dinner from scratch or hang out with your kids and watch Paw Patrol for three hours. But you do it anyway because they matter to you.

So, gorgeous, here’s the deal: I’m not even really writing to you to talk about time (or your lack of it)! What I’m actually telling you is that time isn’t even the real issue you’re not getting more done, or hitting your goals, or “where you want to be.”

If you want to make your dreams of a killer coaching business a rock-solid reality and manage your time like a #ladyboss, you don’t actually need MORE time. But you DO need to make a few small tweaks to what (and how) you prioritize your tasks and how you show up/move through your days, every single day.

Curious? Then you need to go watch episode #2 of the #signaturelife Champagne Series.

In episode 2, I get real about:

  • Owning your destiny–and the practical (read: super simple) action to take everyday to turn it into a reality
  • The #1 most powerful question to ask yourself to set the direction for your day (that have nada to do with your To Do List)
  • Why how you’re FEELING is so much more important than what you’re DOING (and how to make sure you FEEL like an absolute rockstar/queen/diva/Beyonce ;) every single day)
  • The actual number of priorities you should set every day to reach your #bigdreams (and why trying to pack in any more is actually detrimental to your success)

So ladylove: If you struggle with “time management,” can’t figure out why you’re go-go-go’ing everyday but not actually ticking off any boxes on your Trello checklists or if you just wanna know my secrets for feeling like Beyoncé everyday (#iwokeuplikethis), go check out the video over on YouTube ASAP.

I pinky-promise: If you follow the advice in this video, it really can change the way you look at “time” and how you can make it work for (or against!) you, forever.

To your #signaturelife,

Daria xo

P.S. I'd love to hear from you. Comment below with your main takeaway!