How To Change Your Life This Year

New Year’s resolutions. Do you set them? ...Was that a silly question? ‘Cause I mean, let’s be real. Who doesn’t? Who doesn't want a change for their life starting Monday, right? 

Your mom wants to read all books that changed your life.
Your #bizbestie has vowed to publish a blog post every week in pursuit of changing lives. And your pizza-loving BFF has sworn off greasy foods in favor of kale among other big life changes. At every meal. (Please.)

Rolling your eyes yet?

I get it. The whole “resolutions” thing has become a bit of a joke, honestly.

Every year it’s the same story: Everyone starts with good intentions. You probably want to change your life too on January 1st every. But we all know that by about January 8th, most people haven’t just fallen off the life changing wagon they were oh-so-stoked to jump on, they’ve almost forgotten they were on a wagon to begin with. (Woops?)

I’m a regular runner, and this year I couldn’t help but laugh (inside) at how crazy-crowded my walking trail was on January 2nd (LIKE WHOA. Where did all you people come from?!) and how bare it was come January 5. (Ahh, back to #statusquo.)

The good news is: If that sounds like you, it doesn’t have to be. Seriously.

But before I go on to tell you #allmysecrets about how to NOT be “that person who broke her resolution before the end of January,” I want to make my own super exciting  ‘new year’ announcement. (And I promise it does NOT involve kale. :) )

So, without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to the brand new #signaturelife Champagne Series!

Here’s the deal: Every single week in 2018, I’ll be dropping some serious #bosslady knowledge. I’m talking everything from mindset to marketing to money to relationships.

...All on video. (Something that you might know used to straight up terrify me at the start of my biz.)

The first episode was just released today, and I have to’s juicy!

In episode #1, I drop golden nuggets about…

  • Why most people set goals and then immediately freak out/start to doubt themselves
  • Why your dreams and visions are NEVER “too big” or “too much”–and what you need to do instead of creating smaller goals (or giving up completely)
  • The #1 surefire (and totes foolproof) way to get yourself to do the critical things you need to do to make your goals real–even when you don’t “feel like” it
  • What a glass of champagne can teach you about reaching your goals (because obviously champagne had to make an appearance–and it’s also a damn good lesson)
  • And loads more!

To celebrate the opening of the Champagne Series and my new YouTube channel...

I have a special GIFT for you - a PRIVATE 1:1 coaching session with me.

To be eligible win the gift you need to:

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Let me be honest with you: I’m not only excited to share this because it’s gonna rock your world and flip the script on the way you view ‘goal-setting’ and ‘resolutions’ forever.

I’m also excited because creating this series was one of my big “new year’s resolutions.”

The truth is, it wasn’t always this easy for me to come up with a big, crazy, kinda-scary idea and see it through. (Although truth be told, I’ve never been short on ‘big, crazy ideas’ – just ask Paul. ;) )

However, over the last few years, what I have been is “lucky” enough to learn from some of the most high-achieving people on the planet about what it really takes to do the damn things we say we want to do!Humans are weird. We think we want something SO bad–like to drop 2 dress sizes by March (and our trip to Honolulu)–but when the alarm buzzes at 5:30 a.m. for our morning jog, we’re far more likely to hit snooze and drift back to sleep than strip ourselves from our toasty beds to brave the winter cold.

But the truth is, it’s those “OMG-I-realllllly-don’t-wanna” moments that define us.

And there ARE ways to make sure that the next time your real (or metaphorical) alarm buzzes, you don’t default back to your old habits (read: the snooze button) and actually choose the ‘right’ (but usually harder–or, um, colder) action.And that’s exactly what I’m talkin’ about in episode #1 of the #signaturelife Champagne Series.

Here’s to making ALL your dreams and goals come true!

To your #signaturelife,

Daria xo

P.S. I truly do love hearing from you. Comment below what your big dream or resolution is for 2018!