Surprising Places to Find Paid Coaching Clients

Are you looking for clients in all the wrong places?

Tell moi:

Do you ever feel like you just can’t find paying coaching clients?

Like every other successful coach must have some weird, secret handbook full of names of people who actually pay for coaching, plus places (yoga studios? juice bars?) to visit and Facebook groups to check out that are just teeming with clients ready to basically throw their cash at you?

Um, yeah.

Hi! Me, too. If you don’t know, I actually booked ZERO CLIENTS for the first 9 months of my business. So trust moi, I know firsthand that no matter how long you’ve been in the coaching space – but definitely if you’re a newbie – finding paid coaching clients can sometimes feel impossible-with-a-capital-I.

I mean, sure, maybe you’ve made a post in a Facebook group offering your expertise – a free tarot reading, a business breakthrough assessment or a free 30-minute coaching call – and immediately found yourself swamped with PMs from eager BETA testers.

But, have you ever made a post in that same Facebook group offering your very incredible (albeit paid) offer...and got a whole lot of nothing?

Yep. I hear this same old story ALL the time, even from my most talented, loving, generous clients. Soooo, what in the world are you supposed to do when you want to book paying clients, but truly can’t find people willing to exchange cold hard cash for your coaching? (Side note: The answer is usually NOT to Google “how to get clients” (or more specifically, “how to get coaching clients.” Been there, regret that.)

Well, good news: There are probably tons of places you haven’t “looked” for those oh-so-sneaky, perfect-for-you paying clients. ;)

That’s why I created a BRAND NEW video just for you, “Surprising Places to Find Paid Coaching Clients” that reveals a few unsuspecting places to find your first or next clients.

Like, real ones, who actually pay you.

You’ll learn:

  • Who your best (and next) customers are–and how to get them to YES quickly (Spoiler alert: They’re right under your’re just not seeing them right now!)

  • Follow-up secrets for turning past prospects who turned you down into paying clients who can’t shut up about you!

  • How to effectively monetize your Instagram following–without

  • Why “putting yourself out there” in new places to find paying clients isn’t always the answer–plus one crazy-easy way to leverage your existing audience that requires almost zero effort on your part

It’s basically a roundup of my biggest client-getting secrets, revealed. (You’re welcome! :) )

Want all the details and the how to's? Then you do NOT want miss out on this video!

>>> Watch new episode here now & start securing more paying clients today, gorgeous!

Sure, finding coaching clients can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. And in case you need a little inspiration, guidance or just plain strategy...I gotchu!


Daria Zest

How I Got Published On Forbes

Around here, I talk a LOT about #nevergivingup.

(Okay, I don’t know if that’s actually a hashtag, but if it’s not, I’m pretty sure I just made it one!)

That’s why today I want to tell you a little story that starts with a big number: 17.

Would you just die if I told you that 17 is the exact number of times I was rejected by Huffington Post before publishing my first article?

Well, it IS. (I know. It’s cringe-worthy. But stick with me cause I swear there’s a happy ending. ;) )

For months, I sent off article pitch after article pitch, waited around with bated breath (or more accurately, kept building my empire, although I did obsessively reload my email #guilty) and then had to read the words, “Sorry, but…” 17 different times.

Yeah, it didn’t feel great. But there was a silver lining because Huffington Post – while amazing – wasn’t my “dream” publication. I head my heart – and my vision board – set on Forbes, baby!

Yup, Forbes. You know, the magazine and online publication with a global audience of over 7 million readers and known for curating the world-renowned (and much-coveted) Forbes 30 Under 30 List?

Yeah, that was my dream: becoming a Forbes contributor. But yet, here I was, getting big, fat rejection (after rejection) from Huffington Post….a publication that honestly barely scratched the surface of Forbes terms of size and influence.

At this point, you might be wondering 1) where in the world I’m going with this and 2) how in the world I ever kept my faith –and wound up published in both HuffPo *and* Forbes–after all that rejection. And that’s exactly why I’m here today, ladylove.

In my BRAND NEW Champagne Series episode, “How I Got Published in Forbes,” I’m breaking it all down for you.

>>> Watch full video here.

Tune in and you’ll hear the never-before-told story about how I finally got published in Forbes, including how I kept my faith through heart-ripping-after-heart-ripping rejection (I’ve spilling some secrets for believing in your own ideas, even if other people just don’t “see” it!), the 2 powerful beliefs I adopted about myself and my work that allowed me to keep pitching my articles to both Huffington Post and Forbes, even in the face of phenomenal failure and I’m even opening up (for the first time) about the real (and slightly embarrassing) story behind the very first article I ever published online.

At the end of the day, I’m grateful for all those rejections because they taught me so much about how important it is for ME to stand behind my own ideas & worth.And that’s my parting love note for you today: Please don’t ever give up on your ideas–or yourself–even if others reject you.

‘Cause if you’re doing good work, and you believe in it deeply, you WILL get what you want, eventually.

I promise that if a girl who got rejected 17 times, who doesn’t write or speak English as her first language and who grew up in a post-communist country where no one even DARED to dream or do things “outside the norm” can create a million dollar business, get published in one of the most-read publications ever all while building a lifestyle she absolutely loves, YOU can do anything, too. Just as long as you don’t give up because of a little (or a lot) of rejection, of course. ;)

I can’t wait for you to hear the whole story and get my best (and hard-won) tips for getting published by your dream publication (or whatever your big dream is), too!

>>> Catch the new episode now here.

See you on YouTube,

Daria Zest

P.S. Haven't read my three recent articles on Forbes yet? Go read now here.

[Behind The Red Lips] Part 3: The Ugly Truth Behind My Success

[Behind The Red Lips] Part 3: The Ugly Truth Behind My Success

Today’s episode includes a few powerful truths from my first few years and gives you the most real, revealing & vulnerable look at what went on behind-the-scenes for me to get where I am today.

[Behind The Red Lips] Part 2: Things I Didn’t Share On Social Media

Honestly? I share a LOT of my life on social media.

Thanks to a killer social media marketing plan that involves a lot of plotting and planning (and indulging in celery juice lately to fuel my brain), I make hard decisions every day about what to show online –and what to keep private.

Of course, I’m totally cool sharing my travels, I’m tickled pink to dole out business tips, and I loooove answering questions from my audience.

But even though I’m a pretty open book, the truth is, there’s A LOT that DOESN’T make it onto my social media plan – and subsequently, my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, name it.

And THAT’S what today’s Behind the Red Lips episode #2 is all about – going behind-the-scenes (and Kimono ;) ) and letting you in on 4 major events that took place in my business last year that I purposely banned from social media.

This is the stuff that never made it to my Timeline (or your Newsfeed)...ON PURPOSE.

(BTW – haven’t seen episode one yet? Do yourself a favor and watch it here now!).

>>> Watch New Episode Now.

You’ll hear ALL about….

  • The truth behind what it took to build my own rockstar team (Spoiler alert: It straight up sucked, and I struggled with everything from cheating to ghosting!)

  • How I dealt with everything from cyber attacks to bullying to threats to chargebacks to BLACKMAIL–no joke!–and the invaluable lessons I learned along the way

  • The one (super) unexpected “No” from someone I respected that threw me off for WEEKS!

  • PLUS: Practical ways I stayed high vibe through all the craziness–and how you can quickly switch from low vibe to high vibe no matter what’s going on around you

  • And more!

So, why am I sharing this stuff now, you might be wondering? Well, because honestly, I didn’t feel like I could make a series called “Behind the Red Lips” without sharing this stuff!

But really, it’s ALSO because I know far too many newer entrepreneurs have this belief that “successful” business owners have super smooth, easy lives. That they don’t deal with crazy crap, too. And that’s just SO far from the truth.

So – with shaky hands and bated breath – I’m going there, babes.

I can only hope that this episode will help you see that “successful” business owners also deal with THE SAME STUFF YOU DO (they just don’t talk about it on social media!).

But more importantly, that they ALSO don’t let it stop them! You WILL have haters. You WILL struggle. You WILL cry. You WILL question yourself...hundreds of times.

(Trust me, I did ALL of the above.)

But just like I WILL LEARN from it.

And you WILL make it, too. TBH, all the greatest entrepreneurs I know have seen some serious lows. And I hope that by sharing mine with you, you realize that you are ALWAYS in control – no matter what kinda craziness is thrown at you on the outside.

(Of course, you’re also in control of whether you share it on social media. ;) )

Now, let’s go behind the red lips again, shall we?

>>> Watch Video Here Now!


Daria Zest

P.S. The next and final episode of the Behind the Rep Lips mini-series is coming up soon...and it was a TOUGH one to film. Stay tuned!

[Behind The Red Lips] Part 1: My Biggest Weaknesses

Luxury hotel lobbies, expensive meals (or green juices), well-posed snapshots from dreamy retreats in Bali, an overload of inspirational quotes.

I don’t know about you, but that’s basically what I see every time I pop open Instagram – or Facebook. And – if I’m being honest? There’s times where it’s made me feel really, really bad about myself.

Maybe you can relate?

Maybe you, too, have done a serious amount of scrolling and double tapping and then you’ve found yourself thinking:

“She’s just too perfect. I’ll never compare.”

“Wow. She’s always SO positive. I can’t imagine feeling that good all the time.”

“How does she even afford all that? I could never.”

Same, girl! SAME.

Now, obviously: I also post stuff like that, too. If you check out my Instagram, you’ll inevitably see a whole lot of luxury, and travel, and all the “finer things” in life. (I do love my silk kaftans, PJs, shoes, and bags!).

I love everything beautiful, so I believe aspirational imagery and anecdotes can be REALLY inspiring. And I’m SO not shaming women for showing off their fabulous lives.

I’m ALL FOR women owning their desires and getting what they want!


If you spend too much on social or stalking other coaches, it’s almost TOO easy to forget that what someone projects online is usually FAR FROM the full picture of their life.

(I mean, let’s just say nobody posts photos of themselves with mascara-stained cheeks, collapsed on the bathroom floor after hearing another “No” on a discovery call–which was basically my life just a few years ago. #justsaying)

The truth is, technology is so beautiful in some ways, and so damaging in others.

It’s easy to think that the people we follow are perfect and flawless. It’s easy to imagine that everything is easy, breezy for them – that they never snooze their alarm, or procrastinate on a deadline or hear “No” from a client they really, really liked.
It’s easy to forget that THEY’RE HUMAN, TOO.

But the good news (for both of us) is that behind every Boomerang of a chic woman doing a cute champagne toast with her other chic friends, there’s a real human with insecurities and doubts.

And – this might gross you out or make you laugh, but it helps me, so here goes: And who POOPS. ;)

But because I know it doesn’t always look that way (and actually, can we all just take a minute to be thankful people DON’T document, ahem, trips to the ladies’ room?), I made a bold decision a few months ago to go out of my way to create something that showed the REAL me and the REAL story behind my life & business.

So, today I’ve got something AWESOME for you, beauties!

Say hello to my new 3-part series, “Behind the Red Lips,” where for the next 3 weeks, I’ll be taking you behind-the-scenes of my business & life – and FAR beyond the highlight reel. (But NOT into the bathroom. I promise.)

The first episode in this new series is all about my biggest weaknesses. I’m keeping it really real and sharing my greatest weaknesses list – in detail.

>>> Watch Now Here.

Yep: I’m literally unveiling the things I personally view as my biggest flaws. (We’ll also be talking a little about whether there’s such a thing as “good weaknesses”...and my answer might shock you!)

The truth is, I think our industry needs a reality check. And if I have to be the one to do it, I’m here for it!

How about you? Are you ready for it? Good. ;)

Here’s some other juicy stuff you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The truth behind how I *really* react to bumps in my business & life (Yeah, I’m actually a self-proclaimed #dramaqueen–and I talk all about it here!)

  • The one surprising part of my personality I’ve kept hidden from my audience (this will probably make your jaw hit the floor if you know my brand well!)

  • A major weakness that’s resulted in SO MUCH wasted time, energy and effort over the years (If you’ve ever created a series of Instagram Stories and then NOT posted them–or deleted them later–you’ll relate to this hardcore!)

  • Whether there’s REALLY “blesses in all our messes”–or if some weaknesses are just, well, weaknesses!

  • The one thing almost EVERY successful entrepreneur preaches about that I JUST CAN’T make myself do!

  • And lots more!

>>> Watch Here Now.

The truth is, while I’ve definitely reached a certain level of success with my business and life, I still have MAJOR work to do in a lot of areas. (And so do they all those other coaches and entrepreneurs you place on pedestals – I promise!)

I don’t look perfect, think perfect or act perfect.

But. I’ve found that the only true way to deal with our weaknesses it to claim them and name them, so that’s exactly what I did here.

And as you’ll see, even by the end of this video, I felt better about a lot of my so-called weaknesses!

And my goal is that once you hear me laying it all out, you’ll feel a little less embarrassed, or “weird” or “different” for having your own.

And if not, just remember: LITERALLY everybody poops. ;)

(Like, how can that *not* make you feel just a little better? ;) )

>>> Here’s the link to watch the episode again.

Daria Zest

P.S. Love this episode? Then keep your eyes peeled because I’ve got two more goodies on deck where I’m sharing even more embarrassments, hardships and ugly truths! (I’m a little terrified to be honest, but I know it’s SO needed. So stick around, k?)

Wanting More Time, Money and Freedom?

I’ve always been the girl who wanted more.

More financial freedom.

More opportunity.

More freedom in my days, too!

It’s true. Today, I have a successful business, I set my own schedule every day, I travel all over the world, and I still strive for more. (Not because I’m not deliriously grateful, but because I know there’s always room for growth!)

But the truth is, I’ve experienced a ton of backlash for for my “outlandish” desires.. I was – and still am – often criticized and judged for wanting what I wanted. “Don’t you have enough?” “Less is more, Daria.” “Can’t you just be grateful for what you have?”

Even three years into my business, and after the oodles of success I’ve created, people still say those things to me.

I’m sure you feel me on this. You want more. You want the freedom, the money, the business opportunities. And yet, other people always seem to want to make you feel guilty for it.

It’s awful.

And hurtful.

And sometimes – downright detrimental!

Aaaand that’s exactly why I created this week's #signaturelife champagne series episode.

Because I want you to know it’s okay to want more (it’s not selfish, wrong or “bad”) and also, how to get more!

Today’s episode hits on some key things you NEED to hear if you, too, desire more freedom, time or money, including…

  • Why you gotta stop spending time on listening to contradicting advice online

  • How to stay focused on what’s true for you

  • The #1 thing you have to be willing to do to get more

  • Plus, I dole out a fabulous mindset tip that probably goes against everything you’ve ever heard when it comes to mindset. This episode is worth watching just for that golden nugget. Promise!

>>> Watch The Video Here!

Now, I can tell you one thing for sure: If I hadn’t wanted “more” from my life, I’d still be just an immigrant girl scared to open her mouth. I’d still be making $1500 a month at the University (that’s what my future looked like while I was pursuing my PhD – not even 2 grand a month to teach classes).

And worst of all, I wouldn’t have impacted any of the lives I’ve impacted. I wouldn’t have helped people start businesses and turn their lifelong passions into things that actually provide financial freedom.

Now, I’m not going to lie and say getting “more” has always been easy.

“Getting more” usually does require giving more, too – I’m talking putting out double the dedication, double the courage and double the persistence.

You DO have to get relentless and obsessed with your own success.

But that’s not a BAD thing. And I believe you should never be shamed for wanting more – or DOING more – to get what you want.

>>> Watch This Week's Episode Now!

Because, darling? You deserve more. You deserve your #signaturelife. And I truly hope that today’s episode helps bring you that much closer to claiming everything you’ve ever wanted.

Oh, and more. ;)

Love you,

Daria Zest

How To Get Anything You Want In Life

Here’s a funny story for you: When I was little, I thought I wanted to be a doctor.

Like, really thought I wanted to.

I mean, I had it ALL. The play stethoscope, the play blood pressure cuff and don’t even get me started on how much I loved hitting everyone on the knee caps. This desire was very real. But it didn’t come out of nowhere.

My grandma – Zoya who is 92 years young – is a doctor. And as a kid? OMG, I thought it was the coolest thing ever, especially since back in her day, it was very rare...

Unfortunately, the whole doctor sitch? It didn’t pan out. But TBH, I was cool with it because a few years later in life, I had already changed career paths. Then I decided I wanted to be a teacher instead. You know, like my mom.

Because whoa – she was always so lit up sharing with me and my sis all the stories about her students. So why wouldn’t I, too love the idea of getting a Ph.D. (I did eventually get it at 25) spending 8 hours a day lecturing to "kids"? *insert side eye at my old self*

Clearly, I really didn’t actually know what I wanted to do with my life.

Now, don’t get me wrong: Just because I flip-flopped between definitely-wanting-to-be-a-doctor and I-will-never-do-anything-else-but-be-a-teacher during my formative years, I still always had a “feeling” that I was going to have a big life–a life of more–whatever that meant.

It was like I innately got that you can that you can have ANYTHING YOU WANT in life. Even as a child. It was innate in me!

And that’s something I hear from a lot of my clients, too.

Maybe you’ve been there, too? (In fact, maybe right this second you’re thinking something like, “What do I want to do with my life? I don’t really know, but I do know I want more!”)

See, the problem is that most of us don’t dream big enough because we default to “wanting” whatever is around us. You mirror what you know to be true.

And if “women become doctors or teachers” is what you see growing up – like I did – that’s what you imagine for your own life, too.

But as we get older and new opportunities present themselves to us, we’re absolutely allowed to change what we want.

We’re allowed to dream bigger, reach higher and get clearer about what our life of “more” truly looks like.

Even today, I continue to challenge what it is I *think* I want everyday. I’ve learned that what most of us think we want is only 10% of what we actually can have!

Because truly? Our options are infinite. We can have anything and everything we want. We can have both/and. We are limitless.But first, we’ve got to believe we are. ;)

That’s exactly why I’ve created today’s video, How to Get Anything You Want in Life, I’m sharing...

  • Why “Indecision” is keeping you stuck and broke – and why you don’t actually need more time or dollars to do/have what you really want

  • Why believing that you deserve more is your biggest asset–and what happens if you don’t

  • The choice you have to make everyday to get all you want

  • And more tips to get EXACTLY what you want in life!

>>> Press PLAY Now!

(Trust me, you don’t wanna sleep on this one, gorgeous. It’s gold!)

As you might know, today I’m a million dollar business coach published in Forbes. Not a doctor or a teacher. Or even an employee of a Fortune 500 company, another one of my dreams that actually did come to fruition, but didn’t quite fulfill me.

I never imagined I’d be a business coach. I didn’t even know what a business coach was!

But I just take that as living proof that we ALL have the power to get whatever we want in life (even if “whatever we want” changes drastically over the years).

So, I truly hope this video convinces you that you can have anything you want, too. Right here, right now, today.

>>> Click here to check out the video now!

So, go ahead and take a listen to the episode, my dear and make sure to let me know what you thought with a comment below the video.

I’ll be here cheering you on, always.

Love you,

Daria Zest

Success Tips That Got Me to Half a Million

Want to know how to make a million dollars?

Then hang onto your hats (or head scarves), because I’m about to get real real with you, my darling!…. But first: a confession.

Now, this might shock some of you, but the #entrepreneurlife isn’t always as glamorous as it looks on Instagram, with the fancy hot tubs and endless flowing champagne and insane views of the Eiffel Tour. (What can I say? I just love France!) I know, right? Shocker.

In fact, I once heard Gary Vee say that if you’re going to become an entrepreneur, you better be prepared to eat crap everyday. (Although I’m pretty sure he didn’t use the word “crap,” if you catch my drift.)

And let’s be real: Eating crap sounds like the complete opposite of glamorous. But it’s so true: Life as an entrepreneur sometimes means just doing what you gotta do...even if it’s not cute. Or fun. Or even lucrative at first (I’m looking at you, Instagram posts!).

For me when I just started my business, “doing what you gotta do” looked like plopping myself down on my cold bathroom tile floor – even in my prettiest dresses, because yes, I am the person who dolls up for client calls because #vibes – and doing what I needed to.

It looked like charging $27/coaching session because I didn’t quite know my worth yet. It looked like crying me eyes next to the toilet after another no on a discovery call. It looked like contemplating selling my engagement ring to be able to invest in my business...

But looking back now? My 7-figure business started with half a million mark that I crossed at 18 months. And till today that milestone feels like the biggest one. So all those nights on the bathroom floor, all the tears and self-doubt, in retrospect? Seem so, so worth it!

But I get it. You’ve got such lofty goals and audacious dreams and a vision board that includes a mansion and a yacht and of course, a closet full of Valentino and Gucci (just me?).

So, maybe you don’t love where you’re at right now because it feels so far away from your true desires.

Maybe your work feels hard, or tedious, or you know, like eating crap everyday – aka the furthest thing from glamorous.

Well, there IS some good news, gorgeous because in today’s brand new champagne soiree episode, I’m giving you my top success hacks to making a million dollars online.

>>> Watch Full Episode Here.

Even if right now, you can’t seem to keep your client calendar full or get a like on your Instagram posts. (Oh, and better news: If you’re already doing the unglamorous, tedious, boring AF work, you’re halfway there!)

In this week's episode, you’ll learn:

  • The #1 thing you need to be sold on to stop procrastination and keep your fire blazing, even on the hard days

  • The “myth” around mindset work–and why “mindset work” can sometimes become an excuse or block to mega success (oh yes!

  • And SO much more!

Can’t wait to watch?

>>> Click here to check out the video now!

So, you want to know how to REALLY make a million dollars online, lovely? Well, you get started by starting. Seriously: Just start. Somewhere. Anywhere! Even if it’s your bathroom floor.

But here’s what I want you to know:

It probably WON’T look glamorous or feel super easy most days. Especially at first.

But that’s where commitment comes in.

You’re going to have to constantly remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Like, every day. Even if you LOVE what you’re doing! There WILL be times you want to quit. To throw in the monogrammed towel and head back to corporate.

But there will ALSO be times where you’ll get to sip bubbly while soaking in a hot tub, or nom on pastries while savoring a mid-afternoon picnic in front of the Eiffel Tour. (Or whatever your uber-glamorous equivalent is.) So every day, I want you to take a pause and remind yourself what you’re working toward.

I want you to keep your goals out in front of you–and don’t you ever waver. Watch this video every day. Bookmark it. Set a reminder on your phone to re-watch it. Boomerang yourself an email with the link in it.

Do what you have to do to keep these very important, millionaire-making hacks in mind.

‘Cause trust me, friend: If I can make a million dollars in my business–given my humble, beginnings as a girl from Ukraine who legit was scared to open her mouth and worked from her bathroom floor – I know you can, too.….Even if you have to work from the bathroom floor, too. ;)

(Just make sure to do it in your cutest dresses. Obviously. ;) )

Love you,

Daria Zest