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I believe in love, the power of a red lipstick and that there’s nothing stronger than a woman’s desire.

If you're the kinda girl who... Always (not-so-secretly) felt called to be more, do more, have more... Ever wonders if your dreams, goals & desires are simply TOO BIG for this world… Craves freedom in all forms – time freedom, financial freedom and the freedom to buy as many red-bottom shoes as your closet can hold, without judgment... We’re totally going to get along.

Listen, my dear: After growing my business from 0 to $200k in just one year, I know firsthand one truth. 

it IS possible to “have it all” no matter your current circumstances.

However, my road to mega-success wasn’t all champagne, confetti and cute Kate Spade dresses!

Behind the bold red lips and bright smile, I also know firsthand what it’s like to feel super guilty for craving a life of luxury, to be judged for following my heart freely and to feel scared to do what’s necessary to live my dreams full throttle. See, I grew up in Ukraine when it was still a communist country –  a place where “dreaming big” was seriously frowned upon and being ordinary was the norm.

But this girl? I always knew I was meant for an anything-but-ordinary life. I wanted MORE – a bigger paycheck, the freedom to do what I pleased and yes, more (fabulous) shoes than most people thought necessary. So, in 2010, my fiancé and I took the chance (and risk!) of a lifetime, fleeing our home country to start anew.

And start anew we did: In just our first few years, I earned two MA’s in Business Administration, went on to get a Ph.D. and landed a high-profile job at a big Fortune 500 company. But despite how nice my job looked on paper, the truth was, the corporate life – from waking up to an annoying alarm to the not-so-glamorous overcrowded public transit ride to the blah and boring workload to the fact that I couldn’t rock a rad red lipstick or sip champagne at my desk – was SO not for me.

So, I started two life coaching certifications on the side, positive that once my coaching business took off, I’d have my happily-ever-after. My head, heart and soul were fully in it.

But then... I didn’t book a single client for the first 9 months of my business.

Cue my heart breaking! Instead, I awkwardly took discovery calls from my bathroom floor in our tiny, cramped apartment (not cute)–only to have people stand me up or confess they were broke when it came time to pay (even when I was only charging $27/session!). And even worse? I was watching what seemed like every other coach on social media talk about killing it with their overnight successes and 10K months and exotic retreats complete with private chefs and sunrise hot yoga classes. I was stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed.

I had all the right systems in place, but nothing was happening. Life became a painful 24/7 nightmare full of struggle, stress, overwhelm, sleepless nights, tears, doubt, and nasty thoughts like, “What if I never make this business work?” Things got so dire, I considered hawking my glittering engagement ring because I had poured so much of my salary (and then some) into my business, with ZERO return.

yet, I didn’t –couldn’t – give up.

I even lost friends  I cared about deeply – they said I’d changed too much, but what they were really saying was, “You will never make it with this crazy online business thing.” (Thank God I have the most amazing and supportive husband in the world who always kept telling me that I would make it, that he believes in me and that I have what it takes – big dream, purposeful desire & unlimited persistence and resilience.) It was crazy and it was dramatic.

As the first woman in my family to leave my home for the pursuit of a better life, I was fiercely determined to create a life I loved, no matter WHAT. So every day, I got up, channeled my inner Sasha Fierce like Beyonce and got to work! Eventually, I was introduced to top experts like Gina DeVee, Marie Forleo, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins and many others. After committing to learning from and working with the best in the industry, I hit my first $10k in just 20 days. Thanks to my mentors, I learned how to charge my worth without guilt, to value my own talents as much as I value my Dior lipstick collection and to boldly stand out and shine–despite my fears of being “seen” and heard and of looking, being or wanting “too much.” I completely transformed my money story and my visibility fears and had (finally) cracked the BossLady code! And once I hit my stride, I never looked back.



Just 18 months later, I had quadrupled my corporate salary – growing my business from 0 to half a million dollars! I had also quit my life-sucking corporate job (despite the excruciating fear of leaving my financial safety net), spent an entire whirlwind summer in Paris, the trés romantic city of lights (can't forget my Eiffel Tower suite at the Four Seasons Paris & High-Tea at the Ritz), and traveled to 16 luxe, 5-star destinations in just 12 months, including shopping in my favorite Kate Spade flagship store in New York on a Monday (#mondaysareforshopping!), and then coaching clients from the dreamiest places of all times - Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano - already on a Friday! 

So, if you've been thinking that laptop lifestyle is just a buzz word...
well, it can be be YOUR own reality if you choose to!  

Oh, and did I mention? Traveling is not my hobby, it's my lifestyle. So I didn't stop there. I even moved to Miami for the whole month to escape the European winter, and traveled to Aruba to meet my (brand) spirit animal! And I can tell you - playing with flamingos in Aruba I had that deep feeling at the bottom of my heart "Yes, THIS is the life worth living!". 

It’s now my mission to make sure no woman with drive, passion and a love for the finer things ever has to settle for a boring, ordinary life, feel guilty for who she is or worry about being judged for standing out, ever again!

So, darling, here’s what you must know:

You are NOT too much.

You DO have what it takes.

no matter your external circumstances, your fears or what others have said – you CAN create ANYTHING you want!


Oh, and best of all? You DON’T have to wait years or even months to start living your dream life! You simply have to take the first step. As for me? I’ll be right there on the other side – with a glittering glass of champagne in hand – to guide you.


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